Why is this character so popular among adult Japanese women?

Why is this character so popular among adult Japanese women?

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they wanted onii-chan?

Munchausens by proxy, they find a girl young enough to be their daughter becoming mentally crippled to be cute.

Same can be said about this guy

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They secretly want to have children.

thas rite

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>3DPD secretly jealous of cute 2D girl

They secretly want to be treated like children by an oni-chan incapable of doing morally wrong things

She has tits that grow in real time

I miss my nigga abe

>A mostly mute character that functions as a living motivation for the main character to keep going, who only gets any real agency waaay too late in the series and everyone is concerned with keeping her powers in check and denying her any agency for her actions.

Yeah, I don't fucking get it.

Fujos are a dying breed. it's the age of the yumejo self-insert.

unironic kanao is more popular

See Women don't actually want to make decisions, its a burden to them

>I miss my nigga abe
He didn't

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good lord

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I have to hide my love for nezuko because I don't want my imouto to mistakenly believe I am a siscon

And Abe was only his back up target

Didn't she marry the annoying lightning kid? Shit taste.

No, she married her brother like a good girl.


Thanks for the audible kek

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You don't belong here.

Seriously? Have you not read the doujins for this series? They are HOT!

Go back, gatekeeping faggot

Zenitsu is the best character.