Why was he a mistake?

>be me
>Be a failed experiment thrown away
>My host is not even interested in me like Kurama to Naruto
>I'm not even fucking special
>I have no special moves
>I literally can't save shit
>In fact I let hundreds die and failed the missions given to me on Shibuya
>I can't even have a proper death
>I can't even have a girlfriend
>I can't even do shit except punching
>Btw, I'm now a terrorist too
>Fuck you grandpa, you said I will be a Shonen Hero and will have a proper death with no regrets
>Once again, fuck you grandpa

Was his whole life a mistake? Even Megumi was more special than him

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you forgot something

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At least he's more interesting than Ichigo.

Ichigo has a persobality though. He's constantly irritated by everyone around him and scowls at every single fucking second. He's not that bland compared to other Shonen MCs. He's not that of a preaching moralfag either, except when it comes to camaraderie.

I love yuji's cute body

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Was Yuji being a dicklet part of Kenjaku's plan?

Yes, made to be bred. He will carry Kenjaku's new test subjects

>Ichigo has a persobality though.
Not really. Especially not in the latter half of the series. He's exceptionally bland. Even Kubo seemed increasingly less interested in him.

>Filtered by Depression Kino during the Arrancar to Fullbring arc

The anti-chosen one.

The Fullbring arc I'll grant you. Arrancar/Hueco Mundo I will not. He was pretty boring there, too.

>Ichigo has a personality though

>made to be bred
Then giving him a tiny dick seems counterintuitive.

He literally takes Hanataro hostage and threatens to kill him in the Soul Society arc to escape that crowd of soul reapers.
He enjoys chatting shit like when he flexed on Ginjo with his fullbring shikai and Byakuya with his bankai. He's snarky, sarcastic and stylish. He also actually feels like giving up when everything goes to shit unlike other unrealistically optimistic MCs, such as when he wanted to grab his family and run against transcendent Aizen or when he just wanted to kill Tsukishima outright for mindfucking his family. Plus his relationship with his hollow is the most interesting version of the "inner demon" trope I've seen; where he has to acknowledge and accept himself and his hollow, not the other way around like usual, because they are one and the same. He has a personality, he's a normal guy thrown into supernatural insanity.
Guys who have no personality are like Deku or isekaishit MCs. Never seen JJK so I can't say anything about OP though.

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how big is his dick tho

>main character in shounen anime is a hard headed retard

that's the singular reason I refuse to watch this
chainsawtran is the same, I think, so I won't watch that either

That’s why he’s cool, he’s set up as some dude with an ultra Mary Sue body who’s about to learn magic powers and then ends up being way over his head

Shit got so bad for him, that his only goal right now is not to die alone. He's literally on coping overload.

I'm actually surprised he's not taking heroins right now and doping the shit out of his mind.

No surprise that the MC's a dicklet. Perfect self-insert for GayGay and Fujoshit Gaysenfags.

Goes from wanting to save as many lives as possible and be the noble hero to deciding he’s probably better off dead but he’ll just keep killing curses again and again and if he reincarnates, shit he’ll kill them again and again. My boy just suffers but atleast he’s a man about it.

I’ll always appreciate his naivety before the realities of the world he’s involved in slap him in the face so fast and hard over and over but Jesus he is way too good to deserve any of this shit. The story even makes it clear that he had literally become broken inside by the trauma before just being broken more.

It's funny how blatantly gege copyed Naruto's initial premise but then took the series in a completely different direction.