Why are little vampires like Sophie always so attractive?

Why are little vampires like Sophie always so attractive?

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I miss Softie

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Sophie kyutest vampire!

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At least her manga is getting translations now

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We just don't know.

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Marrying Softie and making a big family with her.

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Sophie's soft and cold lolipire feet ...

A light at the end of the tunnel.

Yeah, I'm really happy about that.

Building a lego castle with Sophie

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I want to ravage Sophie's eternally 13-year-old body.

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If you could choose your childe's appearance from a list of living people, wouldn't you choose someone beautiful?
Also 2d superiority.

That pose and lolipires just belong together.

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Uh user, the bandaid came off.

Why does Any Forums want to bang Sophie? Her cunny is probably cold as fuck and she is unlikely to get pregnant.

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