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Review: Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru

Analysis: Endearing contrasts of surrounding falling in love. Strength vs. Weakness in one area of love with juxtaposition in the opposite out of love. The game of Shoji being a symbol of how the battle to get to that perfect state and moment where a relationship can start. It is very sweet and often funny albeit emotionally manipulative to the viewer and pandering to outcasts of societal youth who are stunted and fearful likely due to atypical characteristics.

I recommend, but I recommend being cautious as well regarding how emotional stories endanger and weaken the psyche.

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Any series? Manga? Anime? Hentai?

Iruma-kun is pretty underrated.
To best summarise it: It definitely feels like it's inspired by Harry Potter:

Harry Potter is about a boy raised by his extremely abusive aunt and uncle until he's invited to a magic school, where his life massively improves and he quickly makes a name for himself. But watch out! The wizarding world is in a precarious situation, due to a faction of evil wizards that are starting to take action.
Iruma-kun is about a boy with extremely abusive parents who sell him to a demon, and he then attends a school in the demon world, where his life massively improves and he quickly makes a name for himself. But watch out! The demonic world is in a precarious situation, due to a faction of evil demons that are starting to take action.

I feel like Iruma-kun executes a lot of the concepts better though, as well as being generally much more fun, knowing when to take itself seriously and when to be comedic.

Harry Potter has a very childish take on good and evil. The author pretty much directly tells you how to feel about characters. Everyone in Gryffindor is good, everyone in Slytherin is bad. The villains are just there to be evil, as their motives don't even make any sense. They're quite literally just Nazi wizards.

Iruma-kun portrays evil in a very different way. While the villains seem cartoonishly evil from a human perspective, their "evil" traits are present to some extent in even "good" characters. It's made pretty clear that it's a world with a different set of norms and values, so someone who wants to turn the world into a violent anarchist hellscape isn't necessarily a pure villain who just exists for the protagonist to defeat.

And that's another thing! Harry Potter just shows the wizarding world as a secret society, Iruma-kun shows a radically different culture. It really is far more interesting.

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Pretty much

It's the opposite.
People don't have the attention span to read lots of words.
Have to keep things short even in a professional setting.

I've thought a lot about the connection between Warau Arsnotoria Sun!'s episode 5 and Umineko. Specifically episode 5.

It occurred to me that during the whole episode I kind of zoned out and then thought, "wait, where's Abra?" The rest of the gang kind of went their ways and found a group or did something. I found myself writing everyone's alibi when walking across the academy. I think it follows a similar structure to Umineko arcs.

>The practical magic of Abramelin ... centres around a set of talismans composed of magic word squares.

It seemed Abra just went to the library to find a book but then dozed off. She was then found by Mel who decided to play hide-and-seek on a whim in a short scene which leads the scene where they all meet in a hall all of a sudden and it seems Tori found everyone. This is like meeting each other at the Golden Land at the end? Tori then is the witch? Abramelin is performed using magic squares which is like the epitaph? Abra saying she was going to get a book and go home but the alibi was wrong since they found Abra in the halls? I'm sure there's a connection.

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That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime
If you want a Lord of the Rings level of worldbuilding in an anime, this is for you.
It's an isekai and follows a lot of the usual tropes, but rather than feeling like a generic RPG setting it's a world that actually feels lived-in: It expands on those tropes so much that they actually become interesting.

The humans have intelligently adapted to their circumstances.
You know the "we summoned you from another world to be our hero" isekai trope? Humanity has been spamming that move as often as possible, plus some people just cross worlds by accident, so there's probably thousands of otherworlders.
And although humanity appears to be at a renaissance level of technology, it's not like they're ignorant and need otherworlders to tell them what to do, because that level of technology has been enforced by angels for thousands of years.

The demon lords, rather than being simply villains to be defeated, are actually a fascinating and diverse cast:
>a demon appointed by god to be a villain and keep humanity in check
>the daughter of god, but due to a series of unfortunate events she's an orphaned vagabond and also permanently a young teen
>a tiny weakling fairy
>a vampire who humanity believes is god
>a giant who guards heaven
>a sleepy NEET
>the king of monstergirls
>the harpy queen
>a gentlemanly fellow who was slowly corrupted into madness and tyranny
>a likely-autistic hero who somehow wound up becoming a demon lord instead

It's definitely a world that doesn't feel like it exists merely for the protagonist to conquer, unlike a lot of isekai stories with similar settings. It's got tonnes of depth to it, and the protag has to take a lot of care to make sure he doesn't get snuffed out by the higher powers that he inevitably attracts the attention of.

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based, I love Iruma-kun and you summed it up perfectly

too long, didn’t read

The tldr meme and pastas killed a shit ton of discussion as people became conditioned to think writing longer comments is seen as lame, so they stop writing the way they would usually in an attempt to fit in.

Didn't read your post OP
I see Milim > I love Milim > I post Milim

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Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense
I'll be honest: It's a gimmick VR isekai, the concept is about as unimaginative as you can get.
So what's the part that makes it fun? The protagonist! She's absolutely nuts!
She's a sweet little girl, but she's absolutely monstrous in combat. It's a hilarious contrast with her personality, and spectacular to watch.
Pic related is in the first episode, where she decides to kill a hydra by slowly eating it alive.

By the way, if you like Bofuri, the first 12 episodes of So I'm a Spider, So What? have a similar appeal, where some nutty girl becomes more and more of a combatitive monster.

Quads speak truth

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Mushi-shi? More like Mushi-SHIT!

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Warlords of Sigrdrifa

I watched the show as it aired back in October 2020 and there are many things the show did wrong with very few rights. The characterization was my biggest problem, it was supposed to deal with how Claudia struggle to fit in with others after being assigned to a special mission in Japan, but it was very poorly handled because she doesn't get as much screentime nor did we get to see more hidden traits of her character let alone interacting much with anybody, it's made worse with the fact that not only is she supposedly the official protagonist of the story, but has a plot importance greater than anyone else (except Odin the villain). Her relationship with Odin wasn't even expressed very well. Most of her screentime was undeservedly stolen by three other main characters (Miyako, Azuzu and Sonoka) and the anime focused way too much on them (especially Miyako and Sonoka) at the expense of either her or anybody else the character screentime and characterization should be evenly distributed with each of the main heroines.

The side characters are extremely poorly developed and handled and the characterization just wasn't made interesting because so much of the interactions between the cast was either one-sided or had interesting character themes dealt rather terribly. The only character I feel like had any actual development was Sonoka but her character arc felt rushed. If there is one thing I actually liked about the characterization, it's that it's rare to see an all-girls show dealing with actual female friendship with low-key to no yuri subtext these days. I also like that there's not a single unlikeable character in the cast which is one of the kindest I have seen, and it's rare for me to relate with an antagonist like Odin regarding his loneliness and social attention issues because I can relate to it somehow.


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Without having read the manga or novel prequels, the story sounds very interesting on paper, but there are a lot of things that could have been showed that are straight up missing on top of having a really bad pacing that should have gone for another cour if the story is the same as it is but rearranged completely to fill in the gaps for themes that should have gotten focus like I said before.
It's been a while I have watched the show since it finished airing, but the Pillars lacked actual backstory of their own and I don't know how and why Odin is going against humanity even though he's the one who granted Valkyries super-powered vintage planes to fly with. The concept of men supporting the Valkyries' path to victory sounds cool but I was disappointed that there is a serious lack of women supporting them as well (aside from the bridge bunny trio at the Tateyama base) because it could have painted a better picture of a scenario involving all of humanity wishing good luck for the girls to fight against the Pillars.

The sexually-charged fanservice is extremely out of place and outright doesn't fit the overall innocuous but slightly dark nature of the story. I cringed hard at the beach episode and the bath scenes are a total disappointment, it didn't help that I didn't even get a scene involving all four main girls bathing together onscreen either (see my issue on characterization part above). As an asexual (and most likely an aromantic too), the running gag of having side male pilots lusting after the girls isn't funny at all, I felt like it's their entire personality rather than being individual entities of their own. They should have been depicted as more like big brother/father figures that would grant the girls comfort and advices of how to stand up (even in group because collectivism is one of the series' main themes) if needed.

In short, Warlords of Sigrdrifa is an actual textbook example of both being a disappointment and how not to make a girls' action story. It's a shame because I was sold on its general concept and I like overlooked anime in general, but it was still a letdown.
The story is an incoherent mess with too much interesting plot themes that are either outright missing or downright rushed to the top, the characters while having interesting personalities and character themes on paper (even boasting one of the kindest casts out there even in their genre), are handled really poorly, characterization and character interactions are very mishandled and unequal, and the pacing is really awful even for a short run. There's also too much focus on a story that doesn't take time to breathe, bad melodrama involving characters outside of the protagonist and there's like a 2:1 action/SoL ratio overall. Overall I wouldn't really recommend it unless you have read the LN and manga prequels which are required as extensive knowledge to truly understand the whole picture.

90% through the runtime of this piece of shit anime, the director decided to give us an episode from the P.O.V of a character that has the ability to read minds. Obvious and desperate attemp to give some needed characterization to some of the show's 30+ "characters".
2 High Schoolers are congratulating their buddy on graduating top of the "????" class, we then cut to their inner monologues and they are both going "huh this guy think he's so fucking cool, he annoys me", not is this only terrible dialogue and writing but it's they type of low effort shit you expect to see in seasonal romance shovelware.
This mind reading ability is then used again in the show where we this time get to see the monologue of sad school boy (our main antagonist? anti-hero?) And his monologue goes something like this "damn I really like Nozomi but she only has eyes for that idiot Nagara!" Again not only is this 14 word sentence something any viewer who isn't completely retarded already knows but it's basically the entire "characterization" that our main cast of Nozomi, Nagara and emo school boy ever get, that's how fucking shallow these characters are.

If a show is constantly confusing and on the rare occasion that it's not confusing it resembles a basic bitch shovelware romance anime then maybe, just maybe it's a bad show.

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Cute painted nails

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