Kengan Omega

>I did it, I finally got a win!
>Oh hey Saw, why do you have your head held back so much, need me to call you a doctor, why are you saying HAMMER OF BURMA like it's a mantra-

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I hope Adam wins it all

Hassad soon.

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How would you react if it turned out Ryuki lost AGAIN?

Reminder that Ohma was going to instant loss 2koma Lolong before Sandro's post nut clarity kicked in.

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Koga's onslaught will last as long as Ryuki's depression

Yeah, instead we got absolute premium tier shit like Kure style: Copy instead.

>sandro's post nut clarity
Wouldn't have happened if Daro didn't just change the design

It's honestly impressive that Lolong used to be an even worse character than what we ended up getting. I'd have loved to see the threads if the final fight was just Ohma one-shotting a Gaoh style user though.

After Fei vs Waka being the primer I'm sure it'd have been an absolute meltdown

There would have been douzens of chapters of people theorizing Lolong to be another Ohma clone leading up to it, it would have been the ultimate shitshow.

KoGOD and backstage kino chapter this week

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Based Daro not entertaining Sandro's retarded ideas

Can't believe DaSilva just got fed to Koga like that.


>use an old school martial art like the Gaoh Style
>typical black hair and straight face
So that page with Ryuki holding up a shirt with the words "trinity" on it had a lot of anons theorizing about a third clone way back when... was Sandro going to make that third clone Lolong? What of that now? Can we safely shelve that along with the "Xia Ji has extra joints" theory?

Ryuki and Ohma are still clones of someone

>they think Silva will lose
Koga and Ryuki will both fuck up their matches and end up kicking the shit out of each other backstage

i hate ohma so much it's unreal

Give me your plot twists on Kazuo.

I think Saw will win over Rihito purely because his motivation for winning was fleshed out more