Naruto: Boruto generations

What's her problem?

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>What's her problem?

She existed.

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Her daughter is too lewd that's her problem

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Let me guess... your waifu is Hinata?

Kill yourself, narutard.

She was a massive cunt for no good reason, what did Naruto ever do to her?

Why would I do that when pic related is literally me

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Be a retard, also Sakura helps Naruto get with Hinata.

Galactic level cunt that needed to fix her shitty personality.

>Let me guess... your waifu is Hinata?
Nope. I'm not into fictional characters.

>is in /a
>doesn't wifu
sure Hinata bro

Kishi didnt know what to do with her

She dared to reject the all important MC, so therefore she's an evil whore who must be punished.
Don't you realize this happens to all girls like this?

Tfw no hot older adoptive brother

Nah that isn’t it

She did nothing wrong and she gifted us with her very breedable daughter
How can people hate her?

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You idiots are fucking blind, eating this shit up over and over and over and over.

You said that like kishimoto knew what he was doing with any female character ever

But he hated Sakura in particular and wanted to punish her as much as possible

Of course, Sakura is based off his wife and he hates his wife, that makes perfect sense.

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Sarada is made to please old men and bully them

Nice headcanon.

>Sakura is based

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Judging by how Sakura's written, it certainly seems that way.