Jashin-chan Dropkick chapter 221


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That's all

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Cute thighs.

Per-chan is a good kid

Per-chan is a good girl

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How can vampires go out in the sunlight? Akuma-A implied these vampires have all the traditional weaknesses including sunlight, running water, garlic etc.

Pureblood Yukiwo vampires can survive the sun, at least for a while.

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>Per-chan is Ecute's Persephone

Who is this Hades person?

Okay so it's the stronk pureblood vampire meme. That clears it up. Decapitation of the vampire to finish it off is also consistent with the mythos.

Wait is that snek? Why doesn't she have snake tail?

no its a vampire named Ecute who looks similar to snek and kind of behaves the same way but is more like snek when she was a kid.

Bow to the new queen.

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Ecute makes me want to commit a crime.


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Hades is the Greek god who rules Greece-Hell where Jashin, Minos and Medusa are from. He kidnapped/eloped with Persephone which is why she's down there.