So with 4 chapters/episode pacing, what does Any Forums think Kubo will add to enhance the arc and answer the important questions? We already saw 3 original scenes in the new trailer, Ichigo and gang getting a big battle for their introduction, flashback of Yhwach taking over Hueco Mundo, conversation between Uryu and Ryuuken.

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Nothing significant enough to make the arc especially different. If Kubo intends on continuing the Hell arc and making Ichigo part Hades Specter or whatever he has even less reason to do radical revisions. I'm expecting the manga as-is, with some fights being a little more fleshed out. That's about it.

I think the SK lore from the novels can easily be added in. Showing all the off screened fights is also most likely.

>I think the SK lore from the novels can easily be added in
Maybe. He'll also probably cover his ass with respect to the Soul King's limbs and stuff like that. But I don't think anyone is going to walk away with a reformed opinion on the arc either way.

>what does Any Forums think Kubo will add to enhance the arc and answer the important questions?
He'll add in the Soul King lore since that's the most important thing to cover, he'll extend the final fight against Yhwach, and all the characters will be shown in the epilogue chapter. Maybe he'll add in some more interactions between certain characters and the canon ships.

Kubo said he is providing many battle ideas and designs for the new fights, bambis and many others will get more fights.

>more fights
Fucking why? We already had three horrible fights in the final arc. Kenpachi against Gremmy, Byakuya/Toshiro/Kenpachi against that Thor quincy, and Uryu against that blonde faggot. Kubo should flesh out the fights he already wrote instead of adding more.

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He is probably going to show all the off screened fights. The fact that he is showing flashback of Yuha conquering HM is indicative enough. So all the zero squad members will get to show their Bankai and put some resistance. Uryu will probably get 1-1.5 episodes for his big fight against Jugram.

>big fight
It was a stupid fight and you know it.

It might be a while before we get the Hell arc actually written. Kubo intends to flesh out more of Burn The Witch first after TYBW is done, which in turn will likely get more anime on that front. I don't reasonably expect Ichigo's experiencing Dante's Inferno personally until end of decade. That said, there's a great deal that Kubo left out during the TYBW. Off the top of my head:
1. The Bambies fight
2. Ichigo's training arc with the Royal Guard and why that was materially significant to him as a fighter, very little payoff came from this in the manga
3. More fleshing out the original sin maybe? In a turn back the pendulum style 1-2 episode interlude
4. Ryuuen/Isshin's fights within the TYBW with respective bankai/volstandig-type escalation
5. Rescuing Harribel with Grimmjow and Nel, which leads to the three teaming up with Urahara after Ichigo goes off to Soul Society to its rescue
6. Fleshing out how Ichigo escaped Quilge's jail
7. A more detailed original fight with Ywach before Haschwald cuts Fullbring Zangetsu in half
8. Facebook and Ginjo and why they're now with Kuukaku, how they were recovered/saved after death and how they retain all their memories and powers?
9. The Royal Guard + bankai
10. A much more detailed fight between Ichigo and Ywach round 2
11. Maybe a greater degree of Orihime hard countering Ywach's Almighty with a role reversal where Orihime is the attacker/defender and Ichigo runs interference? Her ability, arguably, exists outside of casuality--which means not even the Almighty can touch it, as she can reject anything he does with it technically speaking; though rejecting a state pulled from the future to make the present would be too much and negates the very last battle

There's likely others, but those are obvious ones I can think of.

instead of adding im more curious i want to know if he will cut something? trim some of the parts like the fight agains the miracle or other unnecesary shit

So if its gonna be 4 cours with each having 12 eps, what fights will we see in 1st one? My memory is hazy so i dont really remember.

As long as Kubo fleshes it more, the last arc is about the quincies and Uryu needs to have a big fight. Also it was obvious Jugram was built to be his foil. It needs a not rushed and satisfying payoff.

>Bullshit powers
There is enough of that in this arc. I honestly don't care. Just give the characters enough time to shine.

Would be great if Ishinn assists Icefaggot, Kenpachi and Byakuya in weakening Gerard. They even have a history. Would be great if Yuha brings out Yama's burning corpse to stop the shinigami, Shunsui faces it with Ryuuken coming to help after delivering the arrow to Uryu.

>horrible fights
>Kenpachi against Gremmy

Honestly really hoping for more characters interacting with one another. Some really didn't feel like they got resolution.

So with shaman King reboot getting new anime after the initial 52 episode run, what are the chances of pierrot adapting the novels or just getting another core to finish the blood war?

>He'll add in the Soul King lore
I think he would have alluded to it more in the manga if he had thought of it earlier than he did, so yeah.

I think Ichibe's fight with Yhwach is just as bad, even if it's the most Kubo.

>more of Burn The Witch first after TYBW is done, which in turn will likely get more anime on that front.

What do you expect with 2 bullshit powers? But it's entertaining, cool and increases the stakes. Kubo just needs to foreshadow the still silver and holy sword better.

>holy sword
That was also very bad.

More shots prominently featuring Rangikus tits.

At least once per episode

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man, I remember reading bleach as a kid and orihime and rangiku blew my fucking mind and rotted my brain to the core

nowadays they're pretty average-sized

Shunsui's fight was good until then. I liked the backstory he got as well. Just foreshadow the holy sword before the second invasion. Mimihagi wasn't exactly foreshadowed prior to its appearance either but it made sense.