Hunter x hunter

togashit needs to give up on drawing his manga and just lead the story

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yes this panels was really print in wsj

i dont want the new twenty chapters to look like thisl

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I sometimes tend to agree, but then I see panels like picrel and am reminded that Togashi is a master of storyboarding.
Maybe he should just focus on that and the story and let assistants handle all the rest.

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his art can still feature but i believe he agrees that his skill lies in story not art now

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Well, wsj publishes oda's diarrhea, that magazine is pure shit.

Or he can switch to writing novels for hxh.

Togashi's art is only really bad when he's on the brink of death.
It's perfectly passable otherwise.
Pic related is the page drawn when he broke his hand. I think you can guess which panels are from before and which are from after.

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Even his scratches have more personality than every single other shonen jump manga, especially stuff made for trannies like CSM

let his staff finish up the post injury garbage. there's no reason to post his drafts

The biggest benefit of the hiatus is seeing anime refugee mangastream readers crying and seething

What the fuck do Togashi's assistants even get paid for?

good thing that's been the method for well over a decade now then, right user?

To probably do backgrounds and other shit that don’t Directly stick out

ya man i love the anime!

Why we’re Knuckles and Killua shocked when Gon took Komugi hostage? It was the logical move. He literally had a monster heading to a place alone with him. Komugi provided him a decent chunk of leverage.

How is Hisoka gonna survive having both Chrollo and Illumi on his ass?

Even at his most sketchy his art is easy to read, though. Even the infamous Yusuke/Sensui chapter is easier to follow than a lot of JJK chapters.

>I never read the manga
>I'm going to complain about how it looks
checks out

Remember when some people used to argue that this was solely an artistic choice. For some reason people can’t accept that Togashi has limits and puts out even with them. That’s not an insult in anyway

>It was the logical move.
Gon is not typically a logical person. Also from a moralfag perspective taking hostages is literally a war crime

I believe in Togashi. At his current pace of a page per day, he’s probably at the same page as a 30 pace monthly mangaka. That’s pretty fast considering his health issues. At a page per day for a whole year, it’s about 20, 18-page chapters. 20 chapters a year is asking for too much. But I fully believe Togashi can do 10-15 chapters a year. And at that pace we’ll finish the series in no time.