One Piece:

So far, the Straw Hats have found three out of the four Road Poneglyphs.
>Road Poneglyph 1: The Whale Tree, Zou
>Road Poneglyph 2: The Room of Treasure, Totto Land
>Road Poneglyph 3: Mt. Fuji cavern, Wano Country
>Road Poneglyph 4: Unknown (can be only found via ass-pull)

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It's almost certainly Elbaf.

So far, one Road Poneglyphs was found in the Zou Arc (23 chapters), one was found during the Whole Cake Island Arc (78 chapters) and one was found in the infamous Wano Country arc (149 chapters). The Straw Hats only have three years (150+ chapters) left to find the fourth and final one. Considering how fast paced the past couple post-wano chapters have been, hopefully it won't take too long.

Maybe the Giant Warrior Pirates found the 4th Road Poneglyph in the Sea Forest, and took it back home to Elbaf.

White pee come out of peepee

imu can teleport, nullify DF, erase memories and fly

I have the 4th Road Poneglyph

>Crummy ship you got here.
>I’ll help myself to your fridge and you BETTER have pizza.

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>Imu captures Vivi
>immediately gets a nuke weapon
whats vivi secret?

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yes, her ass is THAT FAT

>so far the SH pirates have found one road poneglyph per place they have visited since they were introduced in zou, which was 4 places to visit before the end of the series

I wonder where the next one will be???? Mmmmmm

>>your anus
>>Imu literally took a shit on Lulucia
Damn that's the worst way to go. R.I.Moda

Seeing as Vivi isn’t with Sabo/Bonney/the Revos, it’s safe to say she’s with Imu and we’re having another rescue arc, right?

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Do they really need the 4th anyway, if it's an X shape between the locations they describe even only two would be enough.

that's because the island is in a pocket dimension that can only be unlocked by magic time Haki

>>both Uranus and Pluton can nuke countries
>>Poseidon only summons Sea Kings that are only useful on the sea

Who is going to be the last boss
Imu or BB???

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Not really, you do need 4 brainlet

I know right now my brothers are losing faith but THIS IS THE TIME TO INVEST IN CARROTCOINS

First off this Leak doesn't deconfirm Carrot since could hear Luffy's dream within the Barrel and they haven't reached the new island yet so she's still in prime position to join

Second we know Redon is a butthurt Yamato fan that even avoided breaking the news that Yamato was staying, and Drumz is saying that there was one nakama war candidate that was omitted from the spoilers, tell me why would Redon omitt Vivi, it's obviously Carrot

Stay strong Carrot bros our victory has almost arrived

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Walk up to the club like
What up, I got a big CoC

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Carrot will eat the yuki yuki no mi in her cover story.

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Stop falseflagging fag