Made in Abyss

Wow, can't wait for the next child character to be introduced and then horrifically tortured.
I want to feel even more grounded in the BRUTAL reality of this world.
Hope there is plenty more puke, piss and poo also because that just makes it feel all the more real.
I wonder how this show can top itself in child mutilation.
There is just no other way to convey this sense of GRITTINESS and REALISM.
Truly a masterpiece.

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So is this whole story basically torture porn with more effort put into the backstory to "justify" it?


iyashikei sisters...

It's more than that. If it was just that I could just dismiss it as just hack writing; some author trying to get a rise out of an oversaturated market.
This story revels in cruelty; it doesn't just depict it, it has a hard on for it; literally in some cases.
I've never read a story more intent on torturing it's characters to this absurd of an agree while still feeling absolutely voyeuristic.
There is something deeply wrong with the person writing this story and unless you possess no capability for critical evaluation of the art you consume you will be deeply disturbed by it on a meta level.

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Why do they all have to suffer so much?
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Riko should have gotten eaten by the villagers and ended the story there

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Exactly. I get the love for the music and scenery shots but I cant watch the show because of all those points.

being disturbed is the point.

if the series can't form an emotional connection with the audience it isn't worth watching.

if we didn't love and enjoy the characters we wouldn't care when they start mutating and shitting their guts out

>being disturbed is the point.
what`s the point then?
Why did the show feel the need to introduce Prushka just to mutilate her horribly?
What's the point being made by torturing Irumyuui and Vueko?
Why did we have to kill Mitty again?
Depicting extraordinarily cruel things like that should serve some extrraordinary purpose, but I just don't see it.
What point is being made by continually showing incalculable human misery that wasn't made already?
And by God what's with all the diarrhea and vomit and prepubescent nudity?

>especially fuck Vueko she's abnormally erotic
This the most

Is that a bunny chest burster?

>Why did the show feel the need to introduce Prushka just to mutilate her horribly?
Because Prushka relationship with Riko was necesary both for Bondrewd and for the plot progresion?
>What's the point being made by torturing Irumyuui and Vueko?
That Vueko had a shitty life and due to his caretaker she can't have kids like Iru thus sharing an important trait with Iru that will led to the creation of the city that the main group ended in years after to progress the plot?
>Why did we have to kill Mitty again?
She was just a soulless husk? And if you are talking about human Mitty it was necessary for Bondrewd to discover how the Blessing of the abyss works because he needs it to save humanity.
>And by God what's with all the diarrhea and vomit and prepubescent nudity?
Riko is just a human child descending a pit that can be described as hell literally, did you think it was an easy task and she won't get sick ever? Also what's wrong with nudity? You are just applying your shitty modern western standards to a fictional work that has a really crude world.TL:DR you are a fucking retard.

Don't worry friend, its gonna get a lot worse.

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>Whats with all the diarrhea and prepubescent nudity?
For the first part, it's actually standard to get the shits when exploring due to the different in biomes and nonsense.
For the second? The author is incredibly based and a massive pervert. The nudity could be avoided but he realised he could get away with cunny and shota in a mainstream series and did so. His entire persona, legitimate or artificial, is as the creepy Joe Biden grade uncle of manga and chances are won't ever change.

TLDR: Ur a fag m8

also this is kids enduring really hard shit so they can also mature sexually really fast cause they could die any moment so no time for moralistic shit

The real tragedy of the season

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NOTHING bad will happen to toothpaste

What a retarded OP and thread. Post more Prushka.

If you like this show you are unironically a pedophile.


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