One Piece

Now both Carrot and Yamato are out of the picture.
Place your bets it's either of them at this point.

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Don't need another nakama but Boa is for Luffy

Tama won



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Do any other fruit follow the number thing, or just the paw paw fruit


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Kinemon's fruit also does, but I have my doubts about him joining.

>She is literally crying for Sanji

Zoro and Hiyori are both racist.
They're made for each other.


if this chapter isn't the best chapter of one piece ever then the leakers lied to ME

One will be an official straw hat soon, one will win the MCbowl by mandatory Shonen MC offspring carrier in the end. They’re both winners in my book

Who is who?

Objectively wrong on both fronts.

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I genuinely miss these 2 together.

Carrot has drowned off panel
this news is not fake

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>glub glub glub glub glub

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Carrotfamily don't stop believing in Oda. There's no fucking way Oda didn't include Pedro's will and her appointment as ruler while excluding a proper goodbye for her. She's in the ship. Just wait. Screenshot this.

Based aussie

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Save us Drumz
But seriously why did he do it?

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Remember when Oda also cared about Strawhats that weren't Luffy and Sanji?

To troll sissies like you. He loves to laugh at pathetic grass munchers.

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Reply to this post if you weren't a delusional furfag

Could Zoro beat him?

The writing has went complete garbage with Wano.

Carrot's conclusion is completely nonsensical, she never showed any leadership (Unlike Vivi and even Momonosuke), now just because she traveled to one island she can now lead the minks by being their fucking mascot (not the strongest, neither the wisest). Pedro's dream being retconned as well ruin more the story's consistency, there is no point of discussing about dreams and will which can be retconned for the sake of the editors demands.

Did she have to join? Not a all, in fact her joining would come up with a few issues, but she could have revived the Nox Pirates and help Luffy just like Pedro tried to for Roger in her own way without joining.

So the barrel meme was just a way to cope about a shit writing with a much much less shittier one, Wano unironically killed OP, the only thing left now is Rush Piece.

no lmao, he would get his ass destroyed.

One piece fans are really boring
Your conversations have the depth of a puddle

242555056bros... the 242565372chads are laughing at us


>The writing has went complete garbage with [INSERT LATEST ARC HERE]

Carrot - minor character that exists only because one of Oda's editors is a furfag
She never hag a chance

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No one man should have all that power
The clock's ticking I just count the hours

>Crying like a bitch and nearly useless besides baking a fucking cake in WCI
>Scream like a loser calling for help despite knowing that everyone and their dogs are targeting robin in wano
Oda clearly hates sanji for some fucking reason

There's no way in fuck Wano wasn't supposed to be 5 acts. I blame film red


I'm a personal believer that all cunnyfags should get the rope but now Hancunny exists and I think I'm one of them.

Lmao, kys faggot

Wano combined the worst thing from each arc, bloated cast, way too long, despite the length it had many rushed moments because of bad priorities.

How is he feeling ?

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You can try to debunk my points if you want me to die