Dragon Ball Super

Bejina beat Goku 3 times, that's crazy.

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Our GOD.

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Just a kiss Goku-sa and I promise I will change your diaper

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Diaper posters are the downfall of these threads and I will not STAND for them.

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After thousands of battles, Bumgina won exactly 1 (ONE) time, that's crazy.

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3-0? What a joke!

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*kidnaps a random stranger*

Gohan: You have been chosen to change my father's diapers.

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... but enough about that. Time for you to change my diaper BEJITAAAAAAAAA

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Goten's diaper needs changing too!

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... I said to Bejita when he refused to change my diaper. BEJITAAAAAAAAAA MY DIAPER IS FULL

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Said the Bejitabro after eating the tendies that his mummy made for him.

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Change it. NOW.

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DID SOMEONE SAY DIAPERS??? OH MY FUCKING BASED FUCKING CUTE. My wife/ mommy just surprised me with an adorable new diaper bag she bought for herself for me. It is a cute baby blue with Winnie the Pooh on it. She took me out all babied up in a diaper and romper with snap crotch and we went to Walmart and she held my hand while shopping at Walmart and carried my diaper bag with her. She shopped for all my baby stuff while we were there. She bought me a cute new baby bottle and some baby formula along with some baby food of bananas and apples and cinnamon jars of Gerber baby foods. Mommy has put me on a strict baby foods and formula diet now for over 2 months so now I mess my diaper just like a baby does and it is a lot more easy on mommy for diaper changes. Keep up the good work guys.

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>SUUUGEEEE Chi-Chi those tendies were DELICIOUS

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>Bejitabro roleplays as Goku after shitting his pants after finishing his tendies and dewie
Quite sad, really.

MY DIAPER NEEDS CHANGING TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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