Violet Evergarden

I cannot find any word to describe Violet's beauty which surpasses even her anime's quality.
I wish studios nowadays gave this much love and passion to their output.

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>I wish studios nowadays gave this much love and passion to their output.
Yea. Good show. The visuals are really a work of art.

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Thats my wife

And boring. They could have used all that money and animators for something interesting instead of a trillion landscape shots with glow filters

How kyoani has fallen lmao

Japs wish they were white so fucking bad

didn't it flop?

True. The visuals are really good.

No, FranXX did; however, FranXX ended up being more remembered.

Indeed. If Violet Evergarden does anything well it's creating an atmosphere that makes you wish you want to be in it's beautiful world.

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Literally just a saber clone.

I miss Violet bros..

If 28k = flop then anime in general is one colossal flop

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Violet is a dork. A big dork.

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Really? I felt like it was a waste of potential to saddle that great artistic talent with such a garbage plot.

What was the plot again?
It's been a while since I watched it

Plot seemed fine to me. Violet writes letters for her clients and learns about the different forms love can take along the way. Also I don't think you can really talk about the visuals and plot in isolation. The intricate art in the show did a great job of expressing the emotions of the characters(Maid during episode 10) and the stories took advantage of the visual medium with their presentation.(Abelfreyja and her dresses in ep 5)

Watch it again then, it's great.

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I thought it sold less tan half that

Not him, how was the show though? Did you find something you enjoyed in there?

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