Dragon Ball GT

It had a lot of soul, doesn’t that count?

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Pan is still the best to this day.

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Not really but it did have the best ending out of any dragon ball series

It's way better than Super

DBS is disgusting and anyone still on board with the franchise is a dumb shit. You should be demanding better. For how much the IP makes, you should be getting Ghibi level story and quality every episode.

Just because "they tried" doesn't make it good or even fun.

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>he says while One Piece just had its worst arc

it's the only thing that matters

dbspics would never understand

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not a great accomplishment, there's flipbooks with better animation than super

the opening still bring me tears to the eyes

What counts is that it is great and I love it.

it's honestly the only thing I remember about it

it never really gripped me the same way Z or DB did
I think it needed more Bulma or something

GT is every bit of a soulless cash grab as Super. It even made Goku a kid again to ride on that OG Dragon Ball nostalgia.

True but it has the 90s soul


>SHITper refugees

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I was not a fan of GT. The classic characters had faded further into the background since they were all old people.

GT was garbage, but compared to SHITper it looks like a masterpiece.

SSJ4 used to be ridiculed and mocked.. but now with all these SJW-hair palette swap forms (literal deviantart fanfic trash) SSJ4 looks a fuck-ton more appealing.

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God I hate this annoying little bitch