Dragon Ball Super

New thread? Once again, MESSIAHly provides.

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This is a command from your Prince, Vegeta

Ma~ki~ma-sama's cock~!
No. Only that matters~!

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Why is Broly helping Cheelai with carrying her children?

Bejita only loves plutia

OOPS. My hand slipped "prince" >:)

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Goku and Ruby. Nothing else matters

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>bestiality fantasies
Goku is your IDOL.

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Crane and Demon the UNSTOPPABLE duo.

>bestiality fantasies

Jiren has perfect ki control.


>bestiality fantasies
Goku is your EVERYTHING.


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>bestiality fantasies
You CONGREGATE every SUNDAY with your BRETHEREN to PRAY to your GOD Goku.



Yes, this is true as this gif shows the extent of which he had suppressed his attacks prior to that moment.

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Who is the dumbest character in the multiverse?


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Could someone add Vegeta's hair on the skull?

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This is Goku.

Worship him.

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Why does he hold the beer glass like a retard? There is a handle for a reason.

My hero is so cool.

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Goku is not a hero.
Goku has no concept of family.
Goku only likes to fight strong guys.
Goku only has friends.
Broly only has friends.
the clown god and angel are not a couple, toyotaro is a shipping self insert faggot.
Goku only has one son named Gohan.
There is no super saiyajin 3, do you mean Super saiyajin 2?

Carmine's car.

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Yesssssssssss, bejitabro btw

you have small hands and it shows

I must kill all moeshitters