Chainsaw Man

YoruDen is the endgame
Asa will watch in the corner

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I dont care who, just get that whiny shit laid

You don't want to see that, he'll instantly turn into the most pathetic obsessed clinger to whoever does him the favor.


I want Asa to give me a look of disgust as I shoot cum from my peenus

>denji's type is already asa flavor
>octopus immediately sends him to her
10/10 chapter

>denji's type is a girl desperate for a boyfriend
>yoru is desperate for a boyfriend
>somehow this makes asa denji's type


anime schoolgirl sex

I fucking love anime schoolgirls

Yoru, my cute autistic wife!

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Wow, another shit chapter

Yoru crying rage filled tears into my shoulder as I gently rub her back


You mean Asa will watch from inside of her own body.
Yoru will be in control, but Asa will be along for the ride.

Okay, so what actually killed the hype?


I love her so much bros...

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i did. then i buried its corpse in my grandma backyard

Me too. No other CSM girl has gripped me as much and as quickly as Yoru

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So the Vietnam war does not exist???

Where is the human devil, or the devil devil?

Yoshiyoru>>>>>>>>>Yoshiasa>>>>>>>>>>>Yoruden>>>>>>>>>>>my used socks>>>>>>kishibe's stinky anus>>>>>>>>Asaden

Apparently not, no wars since 1918

Every chapter that Nayuta doesn't appear, which at this pace will be the next 10 chapters.

>Apparently not, no wars since 1918

But Makima mentions Nazis?

>Yoru will never live inside of your brain
>she will never read your horny thoughts toward her
>she will never know how cute you think she is
>you will never become a warmonger in order to power up your waifu
>you will never start a war that leads to the death of millions to bring her back to her former glory
Why live?

if yoru lived inside your brain she would look like you but with a scar and ringed eyes

WWII apparently did happen, but nobody remembers it.

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Yoru did mention that CSM ate her out

>My own clone! Now neither of us will be virgins!

Even better.