Chainsaw Man

When will she appear bros? There's no way Fujimoto actually forgot about her, right?

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Femdombros, WW@

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nayutadaddies we are here

I'm just gonna take a liquid shit on this thread that looks like a toilet

Let's get down to brass yacks
Makima shit
Power shit
Reze shit
Kobeni shit
Himeno dead
Angel decidedly straight
Asa patrician
Yoru patrician
Piss Girl shit

Fuji is obviously stalling the hype for 4 more weeks to line up with the anime launch. Expect her to show up then.

>formula f1 speedreaders
>every other poster being a barely literate esl
>crypto /an/imal fucker slide thread

quite literally all me

Report yourself in bros.

every arc is power arc

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>inb4 Fuji makes Yoshida gay only cuz a strong not pathetic dom straight man cannot exist in his manga

The bathroom of Any Forums

Cis, straight, and Asafagging

Right here with you, brother

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I wish fire punch hadn't become a meme here, I really like it the first time I read it and I like it even more when I reread it here

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same. i love judah.

Makima and bejita

Less than a week before you know what

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>Power is male
>Becomes part of an obvious fujobait ship with Yoshida
Imagine the fucking reaction

unironically i think the blatant femdom all over this series is one of the main reasons it's doing so well
speaking from experience nerdy socially maladjusted anime fans are incredibly into that shit, a lot just don't realize it because it's kinda a 'taboo' fetish

All shitposting aside Fujimoto is going for a slowburn drama in this Part 2, like the movie that made Makima and Denji cry at the end of their date. Nayuta won't show up for a while until the readers are ready to discover Denji has had it rough since Part 1 ended. Because he's basically a broke ass teenage single father trying to support his daughter while doing anything for money and being disrespected at school, and wanting people to find out his identity is really a call for help. The scene Nayuta appears will also be the scene Asa finds greater empathy for Denji and realizes she's not the only one dealt a shitty hand.

Pumping my hot baby batter into Nayuta's little squshy 1-year old loli tummy...

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fujimoto in pleasing the fujos a lot in the second part, I would not be surprised if power returns as a man

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>Asa is just disgusted at Denji
>S-she femdomish!
Asafags are so pathetic

Thinking about reading this because I'm two bad days away from ending it all. Any volumes worth skipping?

this is the worse shit. at least make the chapters a bit longer you hack

False flag Asafag
Real fans know she's TO BE dominated

It's one continuous story and quite fast paced, so no. You'll probably finish in a day or two.

Fuck, i wanna coom in her womb while bejita watches

>TO BE dominated
You forget who the author is.

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