I like strong girls and I cannot lie

I like strong girls and I cannot lie

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Translation: I like men and I can lie (poorly).


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How about this lesser jojo

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Muscle girls are only good if they still have fat tits.

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>no second season or cour in sight
It would still be a monkey's paw with all the damn CGI

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I want to be raped by a strong girl, preferably the likes of Hitomi Uzaki or Nakanishi Eruza

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>I like ugly girls and I cannot lie
>them other brothers can't deny

I'm interested, post more

God please let a strong hot girl do this to me

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>not wanting a big strong girl to do this to you instead

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I want to be beaten and raped to death by a strong hot girl and I don't care what anyone has to say about it

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Am I the only one that wants to dom rather than be dommed

Sadly you aren't the only normalfaggot on Any Forums but I wish you and your kind would remove your faggotry back to sheddit

Sadly, men being actual men are a dying breed.

Normalfaggots aren't into strong girls at all, let alone into domming them, what are you talking about

Normalfags are psychopathic retards obsessed with forcing their perceived power over others.

Nigger you post here 24/7 you don't get to talk about what an "actual man" is

I just want a sexual relationship like that of Tasmanian devils

She looks more feminine here than usual.

dumb faggot