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Filler is IMPORTANT to having good pace and character development.

Mangafags don't understand PACING. Anime is a different medium, you can't just copy+paste the manga into animation and call it a day.
It will feel rushed and inorganic. This is why Kai is soulless compared to the original Funimation dub. Because it tries to stay "faithful" to the manga instead of story-building upon it and having characters interact with eachother organically in occasional day-to-day moments.

Yeah there's some bullshit detours like Goku falling into HFIL and Fake Namek, but then there's
>Gohan and the Robot
>Princess Snake
>Ginyu swapping body with Bulma
>Gohan vs Final Form Frieza
>Gohan vs Vegeta
>Yamcha/Tien vs Ginyu Force
>Vegeta looking for Goku in space
>Goku & Piccolo driving cars
>Yamcha trying x300 gravity training
>Goku in Other World Tournament
>Gohan dating Angela
>Party after Kid Buu's death
..and more that I can't come up with now.
The vast majority of DBZ filler is great, especially if it expands upon lore like the Other World saga (and I'd even throw in Fusion Reborn) which I consider crucial to have a better grasp on the Buu Saga since it's so heavy on afterlife shit.

Sadly this is also why Gohan was the biggest bait and switch in history. Literally anything that made Gohan a character was filler only. And in the original broadcast of Z, this includes one line sentences that are slipped in here and there to subtly pad things out in a natural way. Everything that made the buildup to Cell feel legitimate was only part of the anime. Manga he's just some random kid with no personality except an explosive temper, and his victory comes out of nowhere. No wonder Toriyama didn't see his MC potential.

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What are they looking at?

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>homosexual fantasies
You ADORE Goku.

The good ol days

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I just ate a salad and I almost vomited

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Is my femboy wife~!

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It wasn't until relatively recently that people started to think anime adaptations should only be the manga but in cartoon form, i.e. advertisements. Older anime always diverged significantly from the manga. Many famous anime directors only became famous through putting their own spin on the original material. Imagine what Sailor Moon or Ghost in the Shell would have been if Ikuhara and Oshii were limited to robotically adapting from the originals. Even people who conceived multimedia properties like Tezuka, Ishinomori or Otomo ended up with entirely different results on the different ends, because 1-to-1 adaptation is impossible and striving for it is counterproductive. Saint Seiya has a spin off movie that was so well receive it got its own filler season of anime, and ended up more popular than the actual manga arc it was making time for. Obviously DB isn't any different in this regard a good portion of Super has been dedicated to "canonizing" anime or film content.

It should be the normal expectation that one same story would naturally diverge in two different media. But modern anime viewers know nothing about art or its history, so it's impossible for them to wrap their heads around this.

Toei made DBZ into the popular powerhouse it has been.
Toei made the legacy.
Toei did the lore and world-building with specials like Bardock.

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Bejita will defeat a main villain in 2023.
Bejita will defeat a main villain in 2023.
Say it with me.
Bejita will defeat a main villain in 2033.

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21 "See? That THING is why I married Gero."
18 "Oh my GOD. It's bigger than Goku!"

Isn't this traced from One Punch Man?


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The only 3 characters that matter.

Everyone else is irrelevant.

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>Is my- Ack

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Has a cute femboy bulge.
This is true, SLURPzaFAGS better get ready...

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Bejita: *Rips a nuclear fart in Goku's face*

Goku: "Woah, this is some serious trainin'!"


Only Goku matters.


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Shitgetafags are pathetic.

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Sorry wrong pic.

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MarrTen is so cute!

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>No argument
>ad hominem
If you insist, I accept your concession!

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Our heroes...

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if this was toyotaro there’d be 4 more extra panels of 17 thinking
“I must get it…but how!?”
“I’ll trick him, but dammit! first I must free my sister..”
“Now, my chance!”

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Bejita: *Smashes Goku flat with a giant hammer*

Goku: *Walks away making accordion sounds*

>No argu-ACK!

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Awwwwwwwwwww Makima *barks*

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Miss Kima.

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Bejita: *Fires a bazooka at Goku*

Goku: "Hey a piece of candy!" *Bends down and missile flies over his head and hits Bejita's house*

Who is this?

Freeza and Kid Buu have killed her.

>Tekken 8 trailer has come out
>Jin is fighting Kazuya
Kazuyabros...i am not feeling so good...

What the fuck is a "Bejita"?

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Kazuya will die in Tekken 16 actually


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Kazuya would rip Bejita's nuts off

>off topic video toy babble
Did not peruse.

A lot of people ask me "Why do you look up to and like Bejita so much", and I answer back that I want to be in life as a short man myself.
He comes from a royal bloodline, he always works harder than everyone to achieve his goals, and he has a wealthy and loving sugar mommy wife that supports him in everyway.

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Huh? Little bitch? Were you saying?

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Post THAT Chronoa image

Vegeta (ベジータ, Bejīta), more specifically Vegeta IV (ベジータ四世, Bejīta Yonsei),[7] recognized as Prince Vegeta (ベジータ王子, Bejīta Ōji) is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and the husband of Bulma, the father of Trunks and Bulla, the eldest son of King Vegeta, as well as one of the main characters of the Dragon Ball series.

Subfag lingo, just ignore or better yet filter the word, so you don't have to see subshitter posts.

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>Huh? Lit-ACK!

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Gamma 2 bros....

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*Licks his anus* Awwwwwwwwwwww makima, thinking of you

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Planet Bergita

Run. FAST.

You are in FUCKING trouble.

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>no counterargument to my CANON images
Kekarooooo! You lost!!!

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>Implying they would ever kill off the poster boy

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Post IT.

bejita LOVES MOE

No one:

Goku: *Drives his car through a busy intersection Flintstones style, killing and maiming dozens of people*

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The spanking I will give is going to be swift, vicious, and intense if you tell on me.

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