I Belong to you, Immoral

New series by Akagi Asahito, the author of Shounen, Chotto Sabotteko?
>Shou-chan, a disciplinary committee member who wants to have a "correct relationship" with anyone, is troubled by his childhood friend Sayo. She, who draws her succubus blood, approaches her favorite Shou-chan in every way she can to make "love dovey sex ". Surrounded by immoral students who want an "incorrect relationship", led by Sayo, will Shou-chan be able to protect his righteousness?
Let's hope it won't take too long for some group to pick it up.

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Let's also hope the author doesn't pussy out of this one.
Even though his actual porn characters look pretty much identical to the onee-san and the boy from his previous manga, I still wanted some hot /ss/ to happen.

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Last page.
I personally liked the ending of Shounen Chotto, I thought it was decent and at the very least, we had confirmation that onee-san was in love with him as well and will wait till he is a little older, although, I would love if Asahito made a sequel or simply uploaded some extra pages once in a while in his twitter showing shounen and onee-san getting all lovey dovey.

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I like to pretend the porn couple are the same couple but older.
They look almost the same anyway.

The designs are indeed similar but not the personalities so I can't really use them as substitutes. Maybe I should commission some shounen x onee-san manga pages someday since it doesn't seem like Asahito will give that to us anytime soon.

I hope the author's armpit fetish creeps into this one.

I doubt it wouldn't.