Nagi no Abyss

Are you excited to hear the story of how Esemori and Nagi met? It's in this week's chapter.

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We all love Nagi here

So it's gonna take forever to get back to whatever Gen's dad is doing to Sensei?


Sensei needs to die

Chako return when?

This flashback quite literally killed the threads

Yuko is probably just going to have him go with Sensei to Tokyo to find the kids since she can't leave the town herself and she still doesn't trust Sensei to bring him back since her original plan was to run away with him

Namek was a mistake


Why not?

We all love Slimko here

It was the exact opposite though

I dropped this shit what's happening now ? Has nagi shown up already.

Can someone just tell me if he fucks his mom so I know if I need to pick this up again

>Yeah i bring her to the town because i saw you had her photo on your phone lmao

Upcoming episode


Well, Gen's dad looks a bit unstable. I wouldn't trust Sensei with him.

What is even the point of this Tokyo visit if most of it will just be Flashback Namek anyway

So if Esemori isn't Reiji's dad, then the guy Gen killed is Reiji's blood-related dad? Or the stepdad?

"Expectation Subversion". Nip authors love doing that shit instead of meeting expectations.