When it does get good? I thought it would be a princess Evangelion but it's just a high school drama

When it does get good? I thought it would be a princess Evangelion but it's just a high school drama.

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The movie when it's revealed Utena was actually a transformer all along when she turns into a car.

Like right away. I love it to death but if you're not really enjoying it you should prob just drop it, I think it's fairly consistent all the way through.

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Imagine not liking the first episode.
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Miki episodes are boring as fuck otherwise it's a solid show just sit back and enjoy the amazing OST and background visuals.

Juri best girl and hottest

i wish i knew that before watching all of this tranny fest.

You're not smart enough for it. Watch some shonenshit.

It isn't really the Eva brand of weird. It is more of a shojo anime that occasionally breaks into surreal storytelling. Anyway I thought it was mostly pretty good until the last few episodes where it went a little too off the rails for me.
The Nanami episodes were the peak of the series.

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my baldfu

It made Ume-tentei cry, so it's not good.

2nd watchthrough

Watch the movie if you dislike the show.

First arc is mostly setting up the stage and finding out about the main duelists.
Second arc is going deeper and fleshing out thte rest of the cast.
Final arc is mayhem, the show heavily leans into surrealism. Everything is wrapped up, amazing closure.
Utena is weirdly dense. So much throw away stuff that is very important.

If you don't like it, drop it. Definitely consider watching the film, it has an amazing aesthetic and regurgitates the point and themes of Utena in a really bombastic way.

It's not like Evangelion at all because it actually has depth

Any Forums says every shitty series has depth, since liking something that a lot of people don't makes certain kinds of people cream themselves. It doesn't have depth, it postures as having depth while being shallow as fuck, which is the definition of pretentious. Thankfully budget saving things like reusing animation many times more than older shows usually did is a good way of feigning depth so you can both save money and attract idiots to praise your show.

>since liking something that a lot of people don't
Utena is widely loved among people that don’t exclusively watch the latest hype show.

The animation is cool but it's just bullshit English Class symbolism that doesn't really mean anything.

Seems like a nerve has been struck. Ikuhara's work has several thematic tie-ins running concurrently that makes active viewing enjoyable, Eva is just loaded with empty religious and cultural iconography. The two aren't comparable.

Ikuhara’s work has been all about trying, and failing, to recapture the magic of Utena.
He should have learned by now he needed the rest of Be-papas to actually do something worthwhile.

>When it does get good?
after the kangaroo fight

>Not a highschool drama

To an extent. Utena is still his best work but I still enjoyed stuff like Penguindrum

Miki episodes are saved by how fucking sexy Kozue is and how much she knows it. By god the downright devilish shit we would get up to if I were Miki....

Nah, if you actually watch the rest of his work he's just growing. He takes all his favorite things that came out in Utena with him, but he's matured in his directing too. Utena movie was brilliant but it was obviously the work of a young director, it was so much Ikuhara and so unfiltered, now it really feels like he's not completely embedded in the production and more like he paints it his color instead. Either way I prefer when directors are a little immature, because more than technical excellence I like seeing something new, and especially personal