Soup Any Forums, it's been 8 years since I last visited. Do you appreciate Aku no Hana's anime adaptation yet...

Soup Any Forums, it's been 8 years since I last visited. Do you appreciate Aku no Hana's anime adaptation yet, or is it still universally panned here? Curious to see how it aged. Also another point of contention at the time was using frame interpolation so that the artstyle blended better with the animation, whats the concensious here on interpolation? Discuss.

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>Aku no Rotoscope

Its bad. Anyone who suggests it is objectively stupid.
>Aku no Hana rotoscoped liveaction
Mediocre acting, bad direction, and clearly halfassed artwork. Stick to the manga.

Specifically for Aku no Hana? It does wonders. You don't have to go 60fps puddi puddi mode, it still looked a lot better when you doubled the framerate and used frameduping to fill in the rest.

I liked it. It was unique. I would have preferred a proper adaptation that used the original style but I appreciated the experiment.

The animation is great.
So many people have this strange desire for everything they watch to look exactly the same. This would be so boring and forgettable if it was drawn in a generic anime style.
I guess it's easier to just eat the same crap over and over again every day rather than try something that might taste a little different.

>Aku no Hana


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Me too, I would have loved to see what they had done with the second season in alternative universe.
Also agree, it was surreal at the time. Aku no Hana and Nichijou were super interesting artstyle/animation wise. Has there been anything interesting since? I'm sure there has.
Felt, but like I said in an earlier post Aku no Hana could at least in theory, benefit from artifact-free interpolation.

I really liked the rotoscoping. Haters get fucked

Me too, it added a lot to the creepy vibe for me honestly. The story alone is good enough to stand up, but I feel like we wouldn't be talking about it right now if it weren't for the rotoscoping.

I've always thought it looked good and that she is cute

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fukken saved

Manga was pseud shit
It got the adaptation it deserved

Books are for gaylords.

They should have gone with an original ip if they wanted to do this "experiment", instead they just butchered an amazing manga

I still hope that we one day get a second (rotoscoped) season

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Kiss Nakamura

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I think it would have looked a lot better with lipstick. Since they only detailed the actual mouth hole it looks like she’s got a really long philtrum.

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Christ these topics are really a time machine. Aku no hana still sucks. Interpolation still sucks. You still suck. Welcome back.

>a team oversaw the process of making this and didn't question it
>there are reviewers that gave this 10/10


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Rightfully deserved. Aku no Hana is a 10/10 anime. More soul than moeblob/moerealism that every other anime does.