I can't believe Ains lost

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Finish the episode fag.

>Thought it was weird that Ains would bow to a low-tier trash mob
>The reveal that the low-tier trash mob was actually an entirely irrelevant mid-tier trash mob instead
>The reveal that Pandora's Actor was Ains the whole time
Not gonna lie, I legit thought something weird was gonna happen. I shouldn't have doubted bone daddy.

aieee pdl-sama i kneel

about fucking time holy shit, I might get back into this series again.

honestly i should have expected it on the ln due to stuff like how "same rank" behavior he had with albedo, skill use and overall lack of ains only knowledge, but i brainfarted because of how much shit was happening in the battle
in the anime he lacks the world item orb and inner monologue is not suzuki satoru's voice but still momonga's, however they changed that "pandora's actor when mimicking momonga loses his red eyes" thing from sebas trial

In hindsight, Albedo correcting herself on properly addressing Ains was the biggest giveaway that something was off. Feels good to be thrown for a loop for once since most anime can't even make a twist that even elicits a guffaw, let alone making at least one viewer (myself) feel dumb as shit.

I know this is all already laid out in the novels, but it would have been nice if PDL pulled something like
>Maybe I'm only lvl 90-something, but I've been fighting in the NW for centuries and have way more combat experience than the fake NPC programmed experience, or Ainz' game experience
Like how an experienced player can solo a world boss under the right circumstances even if in a regular 1:1 it would be impossible.

The battle felt very underwhelming. This whole series has been disappointing so far. I couldn't care less about Coco doll and the magic cockroach, so why do they get as much attention as albedo and robot guy in the same episode? There was also that one episode where they just wouldn't shut up about carrots and sticks, and the half season they wasted on some random lizards nobody cared about. They have their priorities all wrong

No u

Reminder for power levels

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The armor looked cooler 5 years ago when it fought Shalltear.



Wrong link.

higher budget + OG madhouse. even the animation is better.

Found Funko pop Ainz
What kind of build and equipment would you make in Yggdrasil? What about your base and NPCs, what would they be like? If you were in the NW what would you do?

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Is modern madhouse just a publishing house and they outsource all animation?

Ains wool gown lost?!? Masaka!

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That was the fight everyone was hyped up for? Talk about disappointment.

It's over boners
The series ends with Aiz being killed by Riku Ageneia

Bonerbros how could it end like this... If only Jet-sama we're here to save us from the terrible villain Riku Ageneia...

i have *many* questions after this episode...
1- why did ainz released coco doll from prison, why is ainz saving someone like him?
2- if the power suit can use chain dragon lightning does that mean its as strong as nabe and therefore around level 60?
3- albedo says she can catch up to the power suit with her war bicorn so does that mean that summon can fly?
4- pandora's actor says the armor has no MP but it still can use magic, how is that possible?
5- every time the armor does something it loses health, why?
6- whats the significance of the name "riku aganeia"? i know the dragon says it doesnt mean anything but i feel like it does and he is hiding it
7- pandora's actor says he is "immune" to physical attacks but the dragon hurts him anyways because of "knock-back". since i dont play videogames i dont understand this, please explain. (yes i know thats not a question)
8- what was the point of the rgb skull?
9- why does the dragon think ainz is stronger than him if pandora's actor literally knelt and begged to be spared? if im fighting someone and the opponent kneels and begs like a bitch i wouldn't walk away from that fight thinking that the other dude is stronger than me...

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