Are you looking forward to the next heroines poster?

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It's always nice to see Noelle in a bikini

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The current heroines lineup sucks and all current Jump artists are shit.

Who should do the art?

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I miss Ruru...

>no tosh
>no yabuki
>no kubo
Shame. They would have drawn the best-looking girls.


Tabata or Horikoshi
Akane art is good too

There's TWO series about dragon girls?

Oni bride guy before he gets U19

one is dragon, the other is a oni

Not happening for a couple years. This was never a regular thing

Hori isn’t doing it unless you pay him. He’s the greediest mangaka in the magazine besides Oda.

Hopes for AA and SS replacements?

They're safe until 2023. Better get comfortable with the current lineup.

Like 7 of those are left right?

Togashi scribbles

Yes I wanna see Akane in a lewd bikini

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I was going to agree until I realized it's 2 years old already

Who’s hottest new girl?

Nami is going to be lonely next year

Miki and Kyoko are the best Jump girls, almost everything Jump did in the 80s and 90s was either good or decent, now they only got a bunch of toned down shit

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