One Piece:

Fun Fact: In early concept art, Jack was supposed to be a brunet, have a 80s mullet, and didn't have a mask. However, Oda was forced by to change the design to avoid copyright issues with Dynamic Planning's Violence Jack. Due to Japanese copyright laws, don't expect early concept art for Jack the Drought the light of day (especially during the serialization of Violence Jack 20XX).

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Chapter Title: Luffy's Dream
- Luffy reveals his Dream to the crew and we get to see their reaction
- Sabo continues his call with dragon
- He mentions being in Lulucia Kingdom and having seen a person sitting on the empty throne
- Imu is seen with a map that has Lulucia kingdom crossed out
- In the skies of Lulucia Kingdom dark clouds start to gather and lightning is striking left and right
- An object is seen falling down from the sky onto the country
- Lulucia Kingdom is destroyed
-The straw hats meet Jewelry Bonney with a bounty of 320mil at the end of the chapter

>Wan Piss


Nothing happens: the chapter

Predict what's it's gonna be

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Seems like Imu has Uranus. Will we finally see Dragon make his move?

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That's based as fuck, however, post Bonney

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>leakers were hyping this up as a 10/10 chapter


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I missed her so much.

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>female character talks to luffy
>retards shit and screech about DUH DA NEXT STRAWHAT

I'm contacting Shueisha to report these faggot leaders for being such attention whoring faggots overhyping the chapter.

>Lulucia Kingdom
Wtf is this place


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>- In the skies of Lulucia Kingdom dark clouds start to gather and lightning is striking left and right
>- An object is seen falling down from the sky onto the country
>- Lulucia Kingdom is destroyed

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Have the biggest party.

luffys dream must be something else to make this chapter a 10/10

Endgame right here, brothers

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so the bozo dying was sabo, not moria?

Why give Ulti CoC but never expand on it? If Yamato didn't exist maybe we could have had a fun arc with the zoomers...

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I forgot people only like bonney cause of her tits and thighs, and oda really couldn't stand being away from luffy for more than 3 chapters


So, as I have been saying for weeks. Bonney saved Vivi and is escorting her to the strawhats. It's happening.

Because Bonney is a 10/10, along with Perona, Ulti, and Poire

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>Fidel-kun won
>against an army of Carrotfags
>against an army of Yamatofags
>he won by himself

I kneel.

Lulucia Kingdom is so random that this might be real. If it was fake they would probably use some better known island. Plus it fits with the earlier spoiler about Imu. But I'm still going to say it's probably fake because sounds too good of a chapter to be true

IMO the crew is done at Jinbe but I'm willing to accept Bonney if we get loli Nami and loli Robin

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>10/10 chapter

Already told you that the final war will be between Vivi, Bonney and Hancockfags.

How many L's have the c*rrotposters and y*matoposters taken at this point? It has to be more than 20

>this is the supernova we're going to focus on for at least two years
Where's Urouge?

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faker than me mum's tits

All of them are dead now

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So is that myanus?

Luffy's dream is to be a cartoonist and make everyone laugh

I thought it was "my friends can eat as much food as they like" or some shit like that

>luffy's dream is finally revealed
>an entire kingdom is wiped off the map just like that
>nothing ever happens, ODA YOU HACK
there's no winning with you guys

>10th nakama is actually an 11th hour asspull
I knew it. Expectations subverted

Weevilbros... Where is our boy?

>it's probably fake because sounds too good of a chapter to be true
it sounds boring as fuck, what are you on about?

But what about barrelfags?

You been chugging bong water or something?


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perona is the only 10/10 here

Because she will be Yamato's wife.

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>oda literally forgot the furbag even exists
>while Yamato got two good byes and a return foreshadow when we come back to Wano for pluton
laugh at the furryniggers

He won

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It's real
Redon posted it


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I’ve liked Bonney since 2009 when Bobobo released that one Bonney doujin at C76.



it's on reddit, so it's real

>luffy's dream is finally revealed
Is it? Sounds to me that it got off-screened.
>an entire kingdom is wiped off the map just like that
yonkou tier feat

No, Youranus.

I Love this sheila like you won’t believe

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I'm just glad the Carrotfurries, Yamatroons and Tamapedos got BTFO. Terrible characters and fanbases.

Carrotbros... it's over.

Wait, that was supposed to be a mihawk lunarian sword kid?

Are you guys ready for an influx of Bonney posters to come out of nowhere apart from the Castrofag?

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i will repost it here to archive it:

my theory is that Luffys dream is 'to be the king of the world'

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Oh please god, I don't want an influx of (fake) Bonneyfags.

>Luffy reveals his Dream to the crew and we get to see their reaction
He's gonna find the one piece and be king of the pirates. We know this since the beginning


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What even is to love about Bonney besides being a cute girl

>imu appears and nukes an island
If this is boring to you then you might as well drop One Piece because it's not getting any better

>denying /ourgirls/
Go back to lurking for leaks, tourists

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YamatoGODS won. She's Nakama.

It’s supposed to be a 10/10 chapter, I doubt this is it. It's just too boring. Phone call?

Deleting my Carrot folder as we speak. Moving onto Bonney.

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Whatever it is it won't be a popular fan theory.


>I'm going to stretch my foreskin around a mountain!

At least she’s milking Ace in heaven now.

Died offscreen

Would rather get mogged by Bonney than yamatroon

he has been posting this shit since when? dressrosa? I kneel to communist chads

So WG has a WMD that can destroy islands. However it doesn't fucking matter because it's too large scale.

That was a nice 2-3 chapters without the SHs, now back to sucking Luffy's dick and no more cool lore and world building.

He wants the world to all be friends or something.

Don't care.

do you guys want Im to be female?

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>this is a legendary chapter according to the leakers
>no reveal whatsoever

Figured the story was going to take a breather after a meme arc like Wano. Seriously, long arc is long.

you misspelled bonney

>mfw patiently waiting for Bonney to join

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>character becomes relevant again
>people who liked her begin to talk about her more often
yeah no shit

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Bonney can be a legal loli if she wants to so its the same theme as with the last chapter

It's a short summary no doubt lacking tons of detail



No because I don't want the final boss to be a weak jobber.

He wants the eradication of all Jews.

You're focusing on the wrong thing, friend

Ulti a shit
Perona actually has a good design

I honestly wish there were no women in this manga so you coomers would just fuck off.

One Piece has always been communist fiction.

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get psychiatric help

Carrotfags should have cashed out sooner. Imagine getting dabbed on by Bonney. Nearly10 years of nakamafag shitposting only to get BTFO by Castro,

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>/10 chapter

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>I said crew's full to keep the furries and the trannies out but you Bonney? You're fine in my book.

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This shit reveals next to nothing about Imu, so no.

why is she wearing rainboots?

Perona? Solo'd the monster trio in a few seconds.
Ulti? Jobbed to fucking Nami and Usopp the entire war while being backed up by Page One.

>finding the One Piece
>becoming the most free person in the world
>a world where everyone can eat as much as they want
And yet none of these are his true dream. What the hell is Luffy aiming for?

>chapter 1500: The Pirate King
>Luffy finally claims his title as the King of the Pirates
>The chapter is 64 pages long, full color
>All secrets revealed
>Revelations larger than life, unexpected yet amazing in each and every way
>Hailed as the greatest ending in Manga history
>Robin and Nami full frontal nudity
>Reading it extends your life expectation by 15 years
>So good it becomes universal cure for cancer
>World Piece achieved thanks to the finale

>nothing happens: the chapter, classic hackda

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*anarcho monarchist fiction

gay coc oni babies

Im better be female, I've already committed to her.

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Everyone is Nakama

Bonney can't join because her fruit doesn't fit the numbers theory

If you like one then you like the other, no exceptions, idiot

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>this is a 10/10 chapter
are the leakers retarded?

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People who say they like Bonney are just like Hancock fans, they only like her for her tits.

Well, yes, that's how early spoilers work

The most loyal poster

Here is your tenth commander.

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Dangerously based.

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No they're trannyfags, Bonney is clearly a dude that got trooned by Ivankov.

>carrot and minks get fucking offscreened
at least i can move on now.

KING OF THE OMNIVERSE (sounds like something a kid would say)


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based laughy
fuck leakfags

Why would Bonney join?
Her meeting the crew doesn't mean she will join

Will you still deny reality?

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That would be some top tier genetics, maybe the WG could make some excellent Seraphim via combining their DNA

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>at least i can move on now.

I want Imu to be a lolibaba.


There has been 0 competent female Jump villains so no.

Perona looks like the demon spawn of Rock Lee and Sakura.

wrong, i like bonney because she can turn herself into a loli
preferably while I'm fucking her, so that her pussy gets tighter and tighter

Blackbeard and his crew all gangraped Bonney
Never forget

>Yamatofags are deas
>Carrotfags are dead
>No is all about Bonneyfags
This shit is never gonna end

>they think Bonney is joining
This won't last long

I like her for the fact that she can deage herself into not having tits.

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10/10 BTW

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>furryniggers only get this as a send off

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Cartoons aren't real. Kill yourself pedo.

That is like all of One Piece girls unless you are a pedo who likes Tama and Lolicock.

Imu is a cute girl (male) like Kiku

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No they fucking weren't. You're just a brainlet who didn't understand their final scene.

How many chapters will Oda write between Luffy revealing his dream to the crew and revealing his dream to the reader?
Ace cover story

>see character being able to destroy islands on a whim, rising the power ceiling
>world building, Im and Sabo reappearing
>Bonney returns
>crew moments
>overall great chapter
>leakers go full retard and pretend it's the second coming of Christ, ruining it
redon and YP need to be raped by feral niggers

Reminder that Bonney currently doesn’t have a crew anymore. She’s in at least as a tag along moving forward.

"live forever"
"be invinceble"
"walk on water"
"king of the world"
"the coolest guy ever"
"sungod alien nika"

Imu has the Goro Goro like Enel apparently.
Imu is 5-6 in Japanese (I-Mu = 5-6) so it's not like we didn't predict it. Seems like Enel has the fake Goro Goro (Go-Ro = 5-6) then.

KEK, made me laugh outloud
but this is what reading one piece weekly feels like ngl

We don’t know her fruits name yet

200, at least

You can say that about every other female character

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Why would Bonney be meeting the strawhats? She's bringing Vivi with ther.

>2-3 years of bonney hanging out with the straw hats

take me back to wano

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Luffy wants to feed his friends, not starve them.

No need. Page One 'volunteers' to act as a sperm donor for them both.

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So, any idea on the color spread?

>World Piece
That's the sequel


kill oda

Fuck my dick is getting hard thinking about the Zoro/Bonney reunion. He'll be like this girl saved my life back in Sababody!

Seven years of patiently waiting for Bonney join > Eight years of Carrotchud copes and delusions.

It was plain as day Carrot was going to be the new leader. Oda put that in specifically as a consolation prize for Carrotfags and it was clear with how she didn't deserve it all.

Post Kino AMVs

Stop trying to latch onto infinitely better characters, ultifag

Can't wait to see how much she goes up

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If Imu can wipe out islands just by pointing at them on a map then why does the vastly less efficient buster call exist

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Elbaf is technically a sky island. He will be there

It's over for Carrot, she won't join for sure because she's not there to hear Luffy's dream. So the crew is definitely complete, even Vivi is BTFO.

A shame.

Nobody would starve with Belo Betty around


Are threads typically faster during burger times?

Not Robin and Big Mom

I know right? We're going to have Bonney fighting with Luffy for food for 3 years... when we could've had Yamato talking about Oden for 3 years... or Carrot saying Garchu for 3 years...

I don't mind Carrot not joining, but I wish she had gotten a better sendoff and didn't just go home like Perospero told her.
Oda has really mistreated the character.

Uncle\Papa Pay Pay is so lucky


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>will have plenty of loli Bonney

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maybe Imu has all the devil fruits at once

He stole Uranus from Vivi, couldn't do it before that

First time a commie has had an actual victory besides power grabbing

>It was plain as day Carrot was going to be the new leader
Show your math.

user ESPECIALLY Robin. Every time she's talked about here is about her tits and "MOMMY"

Who knows, maybe Bonney will be fun like Bege in WCI.

Guys, what if Bonney is Luffy's mom??

I mean, she's a massive eater and can change her age.

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Wanda needs to be fucked by human cock

Because Imu is a lazy bitch

Because it will evident she is using void century weaponry.


Before you call oda a hack - and I am a hackda poster
I just would like to point out that if every island that ends up becoming trouble for the government gets nuked, someone would start suspecting something is off.

now its midnight in europe, so for neets and weebs this are the peak hours

As a tamapedo I welcome Booney into the crew.
Once she meets Tama I can see her bitting on to tamapa's cheeks and getting addicted to the sweet taste of kibi-dango that never gets you full
I can see them becoming loli friends in the future

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She has a lot of gag potential with her fruit.

I fucking kneel.

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It's not my fault she gets drawn with the best girls all the time

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Yamato got BTFO to add Bonney? Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahah

>Denjiro that low
>Big Meme that low
Wano was a fucking disaster.

Unlike Hancock and Bonney there's more to her than having giant titties, so that's just dumb simps.

mental illness

It's over.

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There's like two jokes max
>Haha old
>Haha baby

didn't oda say that luffy's mom wouldn't be attractive? at least in his mind

>Bounty of 320 millions
That seems low, considering the stakes that we are in now. Even Nami has a bigger one

>August 09, 2015
>more than 7 years.
damn this guy be a time traveler.

Welcome to the post-Wano world order. We are in One Piss now

>She is now with Ace

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>carrotards btfo for the 92649173648th time in a row

Wow, who’d have thunk?

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>Man with two people living inside of him
>Has the same eyes
What did Oda mean by this?

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Castro-sama? I kneel…

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Isn't she living at a marine base with her parents now?

He said she’d look kinda manly or something.

I will never forget.

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in my headcanon the perfect arc would have been that sanji was going to be married off to yamato (the daughter of big meme and koido), to merge wci and wano in one arc all set in wano, would have been much better and also we wouldnt be discussing about the possibility of yama joining

>taking shitposting seriously
you are an absolute idiot

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who/what is BOZO

>coping this hard
Seethe more Carrotfag

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>dark clouds start to gather and lightning is striking left and right

>Sabo will survive a nuke
We pre time skip again


>oda teleports characters from the other side of the world to suddenly become crewmembers
>somehow people here were convinced you need a role and a bond with the crew as well as screen time to justify joining

>Dukes declare Carrot the new leader
>Carrot refuses because she thinks she isn't good enough
>Wanda and the Musketeers assure her it's what Pedro would want
>Carrot starts to reconsider because of that
>Dukes want to entrust all of Zou to her and the others
It's fucking spelled out but you and other idiots tried to create your own headcannons.

Seek professional help, pedo

It turns out the rings in the eyes mean nothing.

castrochads won...
They fucking won...

>”1058 is our chapter; it means “moon viewing” in Japanese.”
>”Okay. We’ll see.”
>1058 drops, no Carrot in sight
>”Well, Carrotfags?”
>”The chapter opens up with the Straw Hats on the Sunny but it only takes place just moments after the water fall crash before transitioning over to Cross Guild. It’s not a Straw Hat chapter. Carrot still has a chance in 1059. Plus, the chapter drops on Tsukimi.”
>”Well…okay… We will see, I guess.”
>1059 drops, no Carrot in sight
>”…Um, Carrotfa-“
>”Straw Hats weren’t in the chapter at all apart from that Wano flashback. Carrot still has a chance in 1060.”
>”For fucks sake, fine.”
>1060 drops, not only do we see the crew again, but Bonney is the one revealed to them by the end of the chapter
Just…just laugh at these people.
Fucking laugh at them.

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he's going to be the man that stole the world

Thread is so fast no one will see me say that I actually like Chopper's post-TS design more

dont get uppity with me guy

Anyone annoyed at how low effort the spoiler is after making us wait so long? It's like Redon isn't even trying.