Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi Chapter 35

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>Home 35: They're all easy.

>Sidebar: The Mikadono volumes are, frankly, hot. It's one reprint after another!
>Bottom text: Kazuki was utterly defeated! Next up is Miwa...?

>The gang has come to visit the amusement park.
>To get revenge for how they've been treated in the past,
>the three sisters have all been scheming in order to make Yuu blush.

>(I think I can walk now, Kazuki-san)
>That Kazuki...
>She went and embarrassed herself instead, huh.
>Turns out Kazu-nee was the weakest among us...

>...But I can definitely get Yuu-kun to fall head over heels for me!

>So you want to ride the roller coaster, Miwa-san?

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>I want to ride it, but I'm not that good with these kinds of thrill rides...
>Could you sit next to me...?

>My wig could fly off, so I'll sit this one out.
>And I don't want to get on by myself, either...
>(I'll stay with Kazuki.)

>Leave it to me!
>Let's go ride it together,

>Sidebar: Calculating to the very last...

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>Juuust kidding!
>I'm totally fine with speeds and heights!

>This is a great chance to act like a frail little girl!
>(I can't do this anymore...)

>(Huff huff)
>Those were some crazy speeds! Right, Yuu-kun?

>I'm feeling a little dizzy...
>We should go rest on that bench over...

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>He's gone!?

>He went to rest before I could say anything!

>Why're you all worn out, Yuu-kun?
>(Come ooon)
>To tell you the truth, I can't really handle thrill rides...
>(This is how it turns out...)

>You wanted to ride it, Miwa-san, so...

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My time of the week has come!


>With me...?

>We made some fun memories.

The last line should be
>I wanted to ride it with you, Miwa-san...

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>It's not very comfy if you have your head against the bench, right~?

>...Thank you.

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>I just wanted to rest on the bench too, that's all!

>Miwa couldn't do it either, huh...

>...Just watch me.
>I'm going to charm Yuu so hard he gets a heart attack!

>Yuu! Let's ride the teacups!

>I want to be able to control the speed of the ride by myself!
>That's just like you, Niko-san!

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>Considering my arm strength,
>I should be able to whip up some amazing centrifugal forces!

>And I'll use that power...
>(Wah... Yuu!)
>To assault Yuu!

>Let's turn it with all we can, Yuu!
>You got it!

>Here I go!

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>We should be spinning the other way!
>Other way?


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>At this rate,
>we're going to k...

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>...Hey! Be more careful! (You want to fall out?)
>Get back here!


>And so, even after that,

>(It tastes good, right?)
>(Let's ride that one next!)
>The sisters' plans simply kept failing...

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>...Already time to head home, huh.

>Damn it, his girl power is just too high...
>It kinda feels like we were beaten...
>(The exit is this way~)

>And really,
>he's the one who wanted to come here, and yet he had trouble dealing with most of the attractions.
>And he still accompanied us to everything despite that...

>(Say cheese~)

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>I guess...
>He really did just want to come here as a family.

>Give me your phone for a second.

>Just a little memento.
>(It's not a "family photo"!)
>T-thank you so much!

>Well, I mean...
>(You know...)
>We did have some fun as well...

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>If you hadn't insisted on taking us here,
>I doubt we'd have ever come here by ourselves.

>Sure, you can be a little pushy...

>You're a better supporter
>than we could ever have imagined.

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>Uh, no...

>No, no, no no no no no...

>NOW he's blushing!?

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>T-that's all it took?
>(He's such a klutz that he isn't used to being complimented?)
>We wasted all that effort...
>You're too easy!

>As for me,
>I was very happy that you came here with me today.

>Thank you so much!
>Kazuki-san, Niko-san, and Miwa-san!

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>That day, all four of them went home
>with their faces flushed bright red.

>Sidebar: Harmony in the Mikadono household is easy! Next time, the Miwa arc begins...!

Thanks for reading!

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>Resting his head on those fat bare thighs
Must be nice.
This boymom is too strong!
Thx OP.
>Next time, the Miwa arc begins...!
The dilemma of the arc was hidden well compared to the other two so it should be good.

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My Boy Mom Can't Be This Cute