Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Who suffered the most?

Favorite member of the gang?

Favorite death?

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stealin' best waifu

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Remember to honor her

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Give her back! I'm about to go give Smasher a good, hard dildo smack.

>called Martinez
>isn't a Valentino
What a soulless mook.

>all the guys are brown to black but all the women are white


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Kill yourself netflix shill.

He's from 6th street turf, he never had a chance to be a valentino

He's not even from Heywood.

Literally the only dude who lived was a middle-aged corn biscuit redneck.

>he forgot about falco

Imagine getting randomly one-shotted by a random bum who who's currently busy pissing off the edge of a shipping container

well yeah he's from santo domingo, not heywood

I can't..
I specced all into cool and reflex.......

>blowing away some dude yelling in my general direction
that's just my character in the game

>walking down the street
>see some scavs or tyger claws
>just look at them and they catch fire, get electrocuted, commit suicide, go ape shit on each other
>keep walking

None of them are black and David is a white medbull

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>Died saving the girlfriend of the love of her life
Rebecca got the most depressive end

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>tfw no more Cyberpunk kino adaptations in near future

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This didn't go the way I wanted it.

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Damn, just look at the armpit hair!

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>posts a screenshot with a black and latino man

Insanely thick loli legs

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>Who suffered the most?
I after watching it. I fucking knew Trigger would turn this into shit but still had some hopes for it. Knew Trigger was very anti-lesbian and anti-yuri studio, but I hoped CDPR at least would force them to add a lesbian character like they promised that the anime would keep the game representation of sexuality approach and it would be rich like in the game, but no. Trigger made everyone heterosexual, so I hate being lied to by big corpo trash, CDPR really should stop lying about being proLGBT if they pull out and allow such anime under their mark to be made and promoted.
>Favorite member of the gang?
There's no favourite member of the gang since there was too little time to actually even try to flesh out the side characters in this, and since from start I didn't give a shit about forced David MC take and Lucy romance focus, then there wasn't much for me here since I'm too old to fall for some mommy killed sob story. MC should be adult guy than this joke.
>Favourite death?
Glad they killed the pedobait loli female, maybe CDPR agreed to keep her in as long they would murder her later to keep both sides happy.
>Overall score?
5/10 , I can watch it once and forget about it since there's too much disappointments in it. You can patch the game for whole next two years so it would work greatly, sadly it's impossible to do with cheap anime release.

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Maine is not black

Trauma Team did nothing wrong.

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I want some cake anons.

I figured Kiwi was gay for Lucy

She's basically a shortstack at this point, probably Netflix/CDPR made them do it

Why the fuck did all happen in places from the base game? That's the scav apartment, Lucy lives in Judy's apartment and after Maine's death David lives in V's apartment from The Sun. Were they that desperate for I CLAPPED moments?

Now that the dust has settled, favorite Trigger love story?

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>Yuritranny has shit taste
Like clockwork. Get fucking shat on, dykes aren't natural.

>[citation needed]

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Are you really saying someone had to force Trigger to give a girl really thick thighs? The same Trigger that designed Rikka and Mujina?