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Hopefully Faputa is nice and calm and cute this week.

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Heard she's going to the petting zoo. I'm sure it's gonna be a very sweet, wholesome episode!

Only good times ahead, that’s for sure!

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I'm mangaonly and that's ok!

Nishagora? More like Nishacutie.

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So are things really bad on the surface or is it more time dilation shenanigans?

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Things are about to get fucked with the 2000 year thing/children's song prophecy/plus whatever Habolg found in that cave
It's probably all related and means bad shit for Orth

Orth had to be fucking evacuated, things are really bad.

what is she anyway? you think she got blessed?

Will Reg ever get his arm reattached? They have to be carrying it around for something, right? It's Chekov's Arm at this point.

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pretty clearly she was a cave raider and by some shenanigans she received the blessing, it sure her backstory is going to be sad since we know the only way the blessing ritual works is if the person that receives the negative effects genuinely loves the person that receives the blessing

Well there's already strong theories about 6th layer folks collecting souls and putting them in robot bodies, so I guess it depends if there's a robot workshop somewhere near Srajo's camp

No because his detached arm holds Riko by her waist in panels and thats really cute.

Riko uses it as a personal massager

You mean Faputa

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If anything that would be the lockpick thing he now has, people like to put that in their butts
In fact, that very same one on his arm now could have been in Tepaste's ass at some point!

nishagora mating press

Yeah good luck. You’ll need a crane to lift her fat ass into position

I hope Cravali ends up playing some role in the upcoming arc. He was so likeable and his death was so weird I feel if he doesn't returns in some way it will be kind of a waste.

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Sixth layer curse is still a bit iffy.
In the village inhabitants range from being blobs to bordering on having a full blessing. Notably even the blobs do not seem to be suffering, which is usually the case.
Not sure how it works outside. We've seen it mostly melts you to death or a living hell pretty fast, but its still kind of inconsistent. For example when Vueko got hit the trauma of the transformation was lethal but she didnt melt into a hellblob, her form was rather animalesque
Perhaps its just a gamble. 99% of the time its hellblob but there is a better range of transformations that dont absolutely demand a full bleesing to be confortably livable. Irumiyuu might have simply guaranteed that.

That's good and all, but what about Nishagora face sitting?

He already did his part by unearthing the nest and giving us Tepaste

That's because the Narehates of Irublu aren't suffering from the curse. They were transformed by the village in a shape that manifests their desire, so even if they left their humanity behind they don't suffer and live perfectly.

In Vueko's case, she got hit by the curse after reaching the limit of ascension before the curse hit her (as the protective barrier from the village was erased from the zone where she was), which wasn't the same as Mitty or the other Idofront orphans (who ascended way more), so she didn't go full blob mode.

You're missing out IMO

The jokes about non-canon kusoge self-insert OC MC being the most powerful entity of the MIA universe are terribly unfunny and undermine the Abyss as a world to be feared

I'm 100% sure he will reappear, not only we have him being a plot-relevant element introduced in the start of a new arc, Faputa (a being that can interact souls) feeling scared because of his corpse and all the foreshadowing around what said and shit about souls returning to the abyss make it really obvious imo

none of the village guys received the curse, their bodies got "desire transformed" just like the ones in the flashback that turned in stone, the difference is that it worked well in their case

Fuck yeah something bad is happening on the surface. I wouldn't be surprised if Riko finds a ghost town if she can even return (assuming she is still human or whatever the fuck the bottom of the Abyss might do to her).

no need to be upset over a dumb joke, lil bro

The Orb Piercer that got murked by Aki-sama typed this.

The reason she didn't go full blob was because Pakkoyan threw her out if the forcefield, back into the village where it hadn't reached yet. That halted her transformation.

Ozen stop seething that your kneecaps got turned to powder by some child with a glock.