Girls und panzer/guppie thread

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What does the student council abhor the reintroduction of the volley ball team? Why momo in particular no likey them?

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Anime pilgrimage when?
this is absolutely based, what are other examples of irl places accounting their anime on?

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Sex with Pekoe

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The world wonders

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Literally every place that entered a anime tourism ad deal. I wonder if GuP was an early adapter of the concept, though.

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Did anyone translate the rest of this session?
I don't see anything on YouTube

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I wonder where it started. I remember that Lucky Star displayed a specific shrine (in Koyoto?) which got extremely popular because of the anime. There are some shows which heavily rely on funding of local places just to feature them. There are entire shows exclusively focused on the concept of advertising local regions, like Yatogame-chan.
Pic unrelated.

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What did she see on her phone?

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The news about the queen

Why is she happy? Surely she’d feel sad about it

Because they don't have enough members. You need five members to start a club, and you need six members to have a full volleyball team.

Darj was about 15th on the line of succession. She's now 14th

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>Darjeeling Elizabeth the 14th
Makes sense
They can clearly overlook it, why the salt

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I am retard.

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>saki dead last
I realized how underrated she is
I love this tard

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In the spinoffs maybe, she hardly get any screentime.

>a volleyball club for four girls to just play together, have their own clubroom, and their assigned time in the gym, while they can't even represent the school, because they don't have a volleyball team
Surely nobody from other clubs that actually follow the ruuurs will bitch about it.

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The Ribbon Warrior anime will save the industry.

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Shit taste and I am not going to explain why.

Damn that's cool.

There is not a single GuP character I wouldn't want to have sex with.

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Ohhh you right
How unfortunate
What’s your ranking