ITT: Anime Hair

Give me a thread with hair, long beautiful hair.

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I want Cima to peg me

Who had better hair, OVA or Decode Birdy?

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user, did you use some sort of tool to get the OVA in that kind of quality?

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I just saved the gif from Any Forums, I didn't make it. Sorry.

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I have a hair-related question. Why does hair color vary, particularly in older animes? E.g. Lynn Minmay in Macross I think has like three different hair colors--brown, blue, and green? There are plenty of other examples of this. There's no implicaiton that Lynn or any other character has dyed their hair. Is it a technical error/continuity issue? Artistic interpretation? Just what did they mean by this?

Dissolving the hair is my favourite undiscovered fetish

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OVA for color and volume, Decode for flow.

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Her hair is black, but due to the way shading was done in any given Macross product of the time the chosen "highlight" for artistic reasons changed. Basically the style of the OVA era lead to broad variation on color and shading.

I yearn for the floof age.

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Thank you! That always confused the shit out of me as a kid. Like in one scene character's hair is black, and then in the next scene it's inexplicably a different color.

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I like 'em short and spunky.

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What about short beautiful hair?

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Long black, silky, hime-cut hair is always a winner.

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