It’s so fucking good

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>new season is out
>randomly saw it on netflix today
why didnt you told me Any Forums?

What makes it good?

>no new opening
>still using the opening covering the first few fights more than halfway through the series
DP are fucking retards. The anime looks better than I was expecting though. Still no excuse for such a fucking awful release schedule though.

your mother

Why did this happen anyways? It seems like they don't prioritize JoJo as much as they should, isn't it their most popular production?

I genuinely think something went weird during the production of the 2nd OP, seeing as none of the events of this arc correspond to the old one, and DP doesn’t really operate like that. I think the last changes at the end were all they were able to do. It’s fair to say that the production of Prt 6 has been unusual compared to previous parts so I think this wasn’t what they wanted either

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Why did the hype die so quickly?

was it actually? part 6 is one my favourite parts but I haven't seen the anime yet

There won't be a 2nd OP for Stone Ocean. The 3rd batch will have Jolyne climb up on Jotaro's back like that one promo art Araki did.

No Jojo fridays, no anticipation.
In the old days we would endlessly talk about each individual episode.

worst part

kill yourself normalniggеr

Part 6 has the worst first impression out of all of the parts, so it needed weekly hype to carry the adaptation. But shitflix killed it with episode binging. I expect there to be more discourse once we get to the C-Moon fight

i wasn't really feeling it until the meteor dude's fight, then the Mew Mew fight came up, was insane

>Mew Mew
Someone explain the Memento shit to me, because it makes no sense. Like sure, you can only remember the last three things. But if you're looking at 4 people that doesn't mean you should only be able to see 3 of them, you don't need your memory for that. If you closed your eyes you'd think there's only 3 there, but as long as you're actively watching them all it wouldn't be a problem. That whole bit at the end where she walked past the guards bugged the fuck out of me.

maybe they are planning to do a units version like great days and that is why it's taking time? let me cope

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Bad writing


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>why didnt you told me Any Forums?
because you're a filthy n*tflix subscriber and you don't deserve anything good

who the fuck knows. jojo has been getting more popular with every season. all they had to do was stay the course. I cannot fathom why they're treating this season like they are.

Why was it divided in 3 parts with such a distance between them? It ruins the hype