Lycoris Recoil

Which one do you want for a Lycoris Recoil continuation?
a. Spin-off prequel
b. Movies
c. Season 2
d. Ordinary Days anime adaptation
e. Pachinko

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All of them, except e

None of them except e

A yuri video game. By no, not by Kojima.

Let them finish the story properly without squeezing sequels out of it and later adapt what didn't fit into the 13 episodes.

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>no, not by Kojima.
All of us here wants to suck him so you don't need to be shy.

f. Majima spin-off

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Six movies in ten years. Everyone loves waiting retardedly long for six one hour movies, right?

Majima's mistress is so cute.

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Has anyone on Any Forums played anime pachinko?

>c. Season 2 (ChisaMajiTaki)

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I got beat up by a guy named Pachinko for watching anime.

There is already a thread up with 150 posts

Talkina will be Majima’s executioner.

Fuck off, retard.

Next episode.

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You can stay.

That's the MajimaxChisatoxTakina slow thread. This is the /u/ fast thread.

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Ancient Yuri.

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It wont be a satisfactory ending unless Majima dies.

Nobody's forcing you to stay here. In fact, please go back there.

Yeah I hope he dies horribly.

It’s only proper that Takina delivers the fatal blow, but he’ll probably just fall off the tower like the villain in diehard.

Nobody's forcing you to reply to them.

>Takina and Majima casually conversing with each other.
If you think about it. Takina and Majima are both Shinji's pawns so it is highly likely that they are just putting up an act in front of Chisato as part of Shinji's plan.

Majima will live user.

C but I fear for B especially after that cinema commented about showing the episodes there.

Nah you can keep bumping that thread with your friends for the next two days.

Will the broccoli hair run away or fight to death?

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Majima will die like a pig.

Chisato will fix Majima.