What anime do you have downloaded right now Any Forums?

what anime do you have downloaded right now Any Forums?

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only losers download anime, its like begging for your pc to be filled with viruses


Three (3) different, complete YuruYuri batches.


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Is this some sort of zoomer fuckery? I've been downloading anime for like 15 years and have never even heard of anyone getting a virus from doing so.

I delete my anime after I watch it. Takes up too much disk space that I need for my gigantic hentai collection. Also I never seed.


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kill yourself

OP said anime, not your mom

The audio on that Space Cobra rip is shitty but unfortunately, that's the best audio source from Blu Ray. Hopefully somebody remuxes BR video with DVD audio in the future

There are 2 tracks one is louder I think and I found it listenable

How did you even manage to make this post?

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>The Ascent

they need to make captchas harder to keep bots like these out

That's not him posting. That's Cornelia.

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>movis vary nice

>windows 7
>no firewall
>no pihole
>no antivirus
>bunch of anime from http website
>bunch of pirated games
I'm literally begging for virus but none can give me one.



Viruses are so 2000late, its all about spyware and tracking now.
I dont really download anything anymore since the hylia went down.