Both will air in October

Yup I'm thinking Bleach is dead

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Dead how? It’s twenty minutes a weak, you can watch both. Unless they’re on the same time slot or something.

>Bro please waste your time watching SHITch instead of enjoying and discussing the GOATsaw man hype train, literal animanga of the century

Your whole family tree should be shameful of you.

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Bleach makes me want to drink bleach.

dude, user says you can watch both
fucking retard

>12 episodes

>Bleach's new trailer hit already +2million views in 3 days.
If this somehow translates to ratings Bleachfags will be eating good for the rest of the decade. Bleach memes are real.

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Don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell anybody in superior Chainsaw threads that you watch Bleach, it will be our secret.

Chaincels are so insecure.

Both will air in October.
I will watch both in October.
I will enjoy both in October because I'm not a bitch-ass tier 3 quadruple niggerfaggot like you.
We are not the same.

>dude what if a guy was like... a chainsaw?
>wtf that's a dumb, childish idea
>dude what if a guy was a chainsaw... but japanese
>heckin kino!!!!

I will never trust anything MAPPA ever again.
They make utterly soulless anime.

For the last fucking time, stop mixing Bleach with your dorohedoro for tiktokers.

fr fr no cap bruh ong

I'm thinking Chainsawman won't even get to air because of Bleach lmao.

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I won't be watching chainsaw boy. I only care about Bleach. Fuck, I'm so done with anime as whole.

um, user

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I can feel that most of those are oldfags like us, and perhaps some zoomers that seem to be interested

Honestly don't know why they wasted time with bleach. The last arc was terrible even for shonen standards.