Where is the thread?

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Best i could do with this one.

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Guy looks chill as fuck

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This faggot didn't even do anything.

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Based alternate outfit Ainz

What a useless summon

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Last one of the stitches.

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Oh look, /CGI/ general, yaaaay

Hello and KNEEL

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Is Neia going to become Mare's bride?
Would Ainz be ok with it?

Tried to make a Pandora version of this one. Didn't turnout particularly good.

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PDL-sama, I kneel. Please spare my life

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What was the point of PA doing this? To make the enemy overconfident?

>tfw dad lets you wear his work uniform

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>Oh I think I cant beat him
>its just pandora's Actor
GG Dragon fuck

woah... he is literally me....

To gather information in as many different ways as possible.


Has Ainz ever made a decision that was clearly a mistake?


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