Good night, sweet princess

Good night, sweet princess.

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It's over

Did the mangaka take another break or what?

I thought you shitposters were saying it was getting off of hiatus

it's literally over.

What? Why? Ruri LIVE!!!!!
I'm sorry for the funnyrooposting!!!
But that's what everybody does in the 1st chapter threads!!!

So did he die?

SO did it get axe?

The dreaded japanese cold claims another. Good night Ruri, I will miss your silly but normal antics

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>Post a controversial rumor
>Refuse to elaborate
And you guys all fell for it

2 more weeks
trust the plan

This series never had a chance. Amazing first chapter with an absolutely nothing filled first volume to follow it up.

The biggest happening in volume 1 is literally Ruri getting over herself to go to Starbucks and hang out with friends. Riveting stuff

>Why there's no action in my Shoujo SoL?

It's in Shonen Jump.

You don't have to have action. Just. Something. Fucking anything.

Blue Box has been consistently in the top half of the rankings and nothing of consequence has occured

good riddance

Vol 1 sales not so good眞藤-雅興/dp/408883285X/
And her replacement has arrived.

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nigga what? they're 2 completely different genres

>It's in Shonen Jump
And it got an absurd amount of attention. Jump isn't whatever your preconceived notions are.

oh, cute oni
I'll add it to the pile

Blue Box is cute. Cute!

I miss her

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>her replacement
It's so garbage, it didn't get dump here on chapter 2. I don't remember the last time this happened, even shit like shugomaru got it.