Tokyo Revengers

Spoilers are out. Mikey's life sucks no matter which timeline

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>Willing wanted Kisaki in the gang knowing he has bad
>Just feed his "dark impulses"
Fuck Mikey. He can't be saved.

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You are a bit behind the current agenda, user

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The shitty TL is out.

Yeah, sorry. I'll dump it then

Mikey needs to be made into a vegetable again. Shinichiro died for nothing by trying to give this faggot a chance at life at the cost of his (others) lives. He did nothing with it but fuck it up.

Thanks bro. The raws are appreciated too to compare discrepancies.

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>falls down the stairs

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>invincible Mikey
>jobs to stairs

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I think this is the last ch of the volume.

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user, it was his fate and karma. The DI is a token from his brother, and when Shin died Mikey unconsciously was trying to feel the void by seeking darkness, because his brother really wasn't supposed to die. Also he knew Kisaki was good at managing darkness so he thought he could help him control it for the sake of Toman.

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fucking stairs

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Peak cringe

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So Shin was still fucking around with Izana telling him he was his brother while Mikey was in a vegetative coma? Yikes.

Mikeysisters, your response?