Chainsaw Man

Who was in the wrong here?

Chapter 104 is out

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>Who was in the wrong here?
The readers

This is a natural progessiom of Denji's character, and I meant that.
If you don't like it then you just didn't understand Chainsaw Man and are a speedreader from TikTok.

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Use the catalog, retard

Sisters... ASSEMBLE.

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I knew it. Only Power can love Denji. You lost Asafags

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Pov: You are Asa.

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Denjibros, I don't think we can recover from this.

My autistic wife Yoru.

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the sisters won... they fucking won...

We need Denji's prices

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surely... SURELY Asa will think that Denji is a fucking loser until she sees he is sweet to Nayuta.. right? RIGHT!?

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>Here's your bi-weekly chapter bro
He is not even trying, right? Fire Punch was weekly but even bothered to give Agni moving flames, while here Denji hair remains the same. He literally just ctrl c + ctrl v and didn't bother.

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>Denji ate a cake with his bare hands last chapter
>Yoru has a cake shirt
Calling it now, Yoru is going to be the one to fall in love with Denji, while Asa is going to be disgusted by his incel antics.
Then she will only be able to watch in horror as Yoru takes over her body and giver her viginity to Denji

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>Denji, its not going to suck itself

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i thought the pic was asa

>>Denji ate a cake with his bare hands last chapter
>Yoru has a cake shirt
>Yoru proceeds to explain how Chainsaw Man ate a part of her

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>It's the boy and girl hate each other at first but then fall in love trope
Based Fujimoto saving the rom com genre.

Is this a romcom? Can it be on the council?

It's just probably end the exactly same way part 1 ended and autists will come back to these two chapters and call it an incredibly genius foreshadowing


War Devil used to have Nuclear Dick, Pochita ate it.

I am already bored of the school setting

Powerfags and Makimafags BTFO

Pochita is a nuclear faggot?

this chapter was funny, I liked it

KEKji? My cuck
SHITji? My slave
WOOFji? My dog
CRAPji? My puppet
TRASHji? My minion
TOOLji? Was used
YAWNji? Killed the hype
INCELji? Never scored
TARDji? Retarded
BETAji? Busted his ass for a crumb of pussy
WHOji? Ok where is chainsawman?
RATji? Fought dirty
PLEBji? Shit taste in movies
GAPEji? Asshole widened by Yakuza
BITCHji? Cried
PAWNji? Discarded easily
LONEji? All friends dead
BLACKji? This nigga's whipped
STAGji? Wearing the horns


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In chapter one I predicted the four antagonists to be all attractive girls Denji will fall in love with, and the only reason Denji will be able to defeat them is because he is virtually invisible to women.


>Chainsaw Man Part 4 will end with Denji never scoring

honestly, how can denjiseats recover after today's chapter?

They cant

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holy shit fujos are fast


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why doesnt denji just transform into chainsaw man to explain himself

Wtf????? Did she really call him an incel?????

>Makima thought that she could control Pochita
>He would break free of her power at some point

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I haven't laughed reading manga in ages, and the funniest thing is that this is Yoru's fault.

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It's edited, but yes that's the gist of it.

>actively endangers exposing his identity which also means exposing Nayuta is the control devil and having Abe take her and turn her into Makima.
What a sweet brother.

>Helping denji to get a girlfriend
Clean your filthy cunts out.

why do faggots have to act like chainsawman is some sort of master piece and they have to analyze and rank everything in it? "Oh the art is a 7/10 today because it didnt FEEL right" or "I FEEL the character isnt progressing". Its like they think CSM is like a fucking berserk or some shit. Just have fun reading it or dont

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Yoshida cares more about Nayuta than Denji does.

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I know he's setting up the plot and character and all that, but does this nigga seriously want his readers to believe there hasn't been a single war since 1914? That Yoru has a real chance of being forgotten at this rate?

Did Fujimoto forget he wrote about countries scrambling for gun devil parts as an allegory for nukes and the cold *war* back in part 1?

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>Revealing your loli rape dungeon


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Why are you bringing that trash up in the same sentence as chainsawman?