Panty and stocking

After so many years do you feel excited for its return?

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More like Panty and feet.

>hyper realistic wrinkles
Why do they do this

Yeah, we definitely need more roasties in anime.

>is into disgusting fat farting ugly bastards
what did Trigger mean by this?


>but it's the same people

There's nothing hyper realistic about that image.


I've seen worse. Not a fan of wrinkles but OP pic is nothing too bad, probably more sexy than bad since my boner justifies it

I'm excited alright. Sexually. By her body.

That's pompmaker right? Only one I know to draw such detailed feet

Those aren't really offensive. There's so much worse you could get. I've seen so much worse that even seeing them once ruins fapping for the next few days because I can't stop thinking about them.

No, but this is.

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It's good when not done in excess. Adds a bit of soul

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kairunoburogu is the best feet artist but sadly his faces are western tier uncanny

I kinda gave up on Trigger but I'll give it a try