Four Knights of the Apocalypse

Raws are out.

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Literally BTFO.

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But Arthur is a Saber!

Bless you. Unironically.

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Next chapter: "A King's Pride"

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Q75: Miffy: A question to Lancelot and Guinevere. How did the first kiss taste?
A: Guinevere: "Like sweet sweets?" Lancelot: "Stop messing with me."

Q76: Miffy: Can an untransformed Lancelot fly like Elaine?
A: He can't, because he is also a human.

so her tongue was literally in his mouth. great.

oh my God, he is STILL coming down the staircase.

It's a really long staircase to be fair.

I bet being a boring wingless human doesn't seem so great now.

Those constructs really look like the mini-Percys.