Cyberpunk Edgerunners

It's out.
Who is your favorite character and why is it Rebecca?

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I liked Lucy.

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netflix shills

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>thread that isn't labeled
>shitty Any Forumspol/ bait thread
Tell the others to stop making garbage threads.

>thread that isn't labeled
all of them showup when you type cyberpunk in the search you lying cunt
quit spamming the board with your garbage

Everyone dies but Lucy. No need to watch it.

You will never be a janny.

It's Rebecca because she gives a shit.

>keep the uooohing shit up and I'll put a bullet between your eyes

Rebecca's trashy personality screams "I have fucked every male phenotype". Glad she died.

I mean she's obviously a doll, she probably has.

Your trashy personality screams "I've never touched pussy". Glad you'll die in a couple of decades without spreading your shitty genepool.

She's not real and even in fictional universe she's part of she's dead
She's not going to reward you for defending her honor

You just insulted someone over a make believe character, either you're an aggressive shill or just have social issues.

What did they mean by this?

Loose pussy?

Take your meds.

malding shill

Post tits.

>incel vs troon
Make it nasty, gentlemen.


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Dios mio...

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trigger is such a shitty studio
jesus fucking christ

lmao what... she's not dead

why didn't she use her bazooka nipples implants even once?

go back

>S-She's not real! SHILL!!
Purityfags and incels.
>S-She's dead!
You will die soon enough as well. And I will make sure I will outlive you just to get the opportunity to piss on your grave.

the screencaps of her lying dead with half of her brain outside her skull has been posted so many times already I don't even want to bother trying to find it

>samefagging this hard
in Any Forums you can farm (You)s more easy

You first, faggot.

what fucking screencaps retard did you even watch the thing or you're just a schizo off his meds? maybe you're mistaking her for another character... fucking hell, get a grip, go get some stronger meds or something.

lol she got Adam Smashed bro. It was brutal and she was did dirty.

Bro, I like her too and I'm sad as well, but too much copium isn't healthy.

you're clearly the one confused and you're clearly quite deranged as well
get better

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fucking Rebecca was smashed retard, the girl drove away safely and flew to the moon, damn hope you're baiting instead of having such a little fish brain to argue about a show you haven't even watched or paid so little attention to you skipped half the ending and mistook a lead for a sidekick.

>fucking Rebecca was smashed retard
3 different people called you out because we've been talking about her
And somehow you still think you're the one in the right

>fucking Rebecca was smashed retard
Yes, that's who we've been talking about if you follow the reply trail.


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