Who else here is going to watch this?

Who else here is going to watch this?

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There is no animal theme in this movie?

Looks gimmicky and otherwise uninteresting like sonny boy. Pass.


Any Forums has always been populated by retards but it's definitely gotten worse

Why is Any Forums so anal over Netflix? Okay the batch release sucks but Drifting Home is a movie so it shouldn't matter.

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I think it started with that shitty Cowboy Bebop remix.

i refuse to watch anything with the netflix stamp passing as anime.


batch releases are an objectively good thing. why in the fuck would anyone want releases timegated on a subscription?

Any Forums still doesn't know the difference between publishing and producing

Batches kill discussion and hype. On a board where we discuss anime of course we don't like it.

>Batches kill discussion and hype.
Except people could simply choose to discuss and hype up shows, irrespective of batches.

Batches are an objectively superior release format, timegating is anti-consumer.


"netflix nah" is not a taste nor is "kids and water bro it's sonny boy lmao"


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I hope tomboy loli gets some porn

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Why did they pussy out on taking the /ss/ all the way in Penguin Highway?

I learned to not trust them after Sora.

That movie had some nice feet shots.

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