8/10 it was okay

8/10 it was okay

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what race is the faggot with brown skin?

8/10 is not "okay".

Needs Another few eps to flesh out some of the ideas and characters
but adhd zoomers couldn't sit still long enough that
also the show doesn't explain shit, i hope you played the game

Latino obviously. You couldn't tell from the height and the name Martinez?

I didn't play it but didn't really have trouble understanding it. What was confusing?

I liked the use of music, took some of the best tracks from the OST and Radio.
Using History as a Psychosis track was lovely, I thought. youtube.com/watch?v=4LxZxVrAN4c
[Spoiler]Becca got robbed tho[/spoiler]

Why do minorities always act white in film and TV?

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What happened to Rebecca

Adam Smashed

she dies in the final 2 minutes of the last episode

You only missed out on all the little things.

Isn't that the ideal for a spinoff product though? Knowing the source material makes it better but isn't necessary to enjoy it.

she got adam smashed

Yeah I was backing you up.

>Becca got robbed tho
Still pissed.
I could tell by episode 2 David was gonna die but I just wanted best girl to make it out okay.

Chekk. Reveal picrel for answers.

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Man it was depressing and kinda blue pilled. Guy literally lives to try to make the bitches in his life happy and ends up getting himself killed by the end of it.
The story felt like it could have been a 25 episodic. Helping develop more of a connection to the audience. We see and hear little about the other characters and as someone non-initiated in the cyberpunk universe it could have done with some exposition.

You could tell they were running out of budget near the end of the series. Some of those 3D cars were pretty jarring. Nice to see a Trigger work that doesn't rehash the same tropes and designs

Rebecca was best girl of the show, no idea why he simped so hard for Lucy. She was a cold bitch with way to many fucking issues. But he just wanted to fix her bro.

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latinx, no he is white cuck's wet dream of latino.

>Rebecca was best girl of the show

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