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Shilled anime of the week

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it cant be, it was released in a batch by netflix so the discussion dies by tomorrow

>It's ok when Evangelion does it

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Implying they will allow it:

not with that haircut

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Evangelion is redditkino, chud


best anime in years tb-h



Winning AOTY in 2022 is like winning gold at the special Olympics

>people complaining about not having any discussion because they binged an anime as it came
has to be the dumbest thing thats starting to become a trend.


The MC is a beaner lmao

based, that means that he is not a retard like most japanese people

not anime

you like most black and white people?

it was what it was when evangelion did it but okay
no excuse in 2022 if it isn't actually for artistic reasons

>"you got the still"
>the scene is still
um kino?

I won't watch it so that statement is false.

Kinda was. Gotta have time to breathe, especially when an anime goes as hard as Cyberpunk does. That kind of balance is important and and makes the highs seem higher.

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if kotaku likes it, then it is shit

opinion invalidated

if kotaku breathes air would you suffocate to spite them? if kotaku eats food will you starve? stop being stupid, ignore kotaku and don't mentioned them

No they're forced to those things as is everyone else, they "choose" to like poz garbage because they have hidden incentives and trash taste