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>literal who paid to put high number on shit series
Why do people take critics seriously anymore? They don't even try to hide that they will intentionally give high numbers in return for shekels or cum.

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do did they drop the whole series already?

Hang yourself immediately.

whats wrong with ign?

yes they do did

Three episodes in I'm liking it. Why is it a shit series?
>inb4 netflix

>demanding an apology because of a paid review of triggershit

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The show is good, it will only bother the anti trigger autist.

>responding to a literal shillbot

> Iconic in the first place

As someone who's played Shadowrun, I'd never heard of the table top game before CD Projeckt got the IP for cheap.

crossboarders need to kill themselves

Adam NTRed me from Becca, so no.
Get fucked.

not even Any Forums stoops this low


I liked it but I certainly wouldn't describe it as Amazing.

Bump :)

I've developed a habit of checking out the article history of dubious reviewers like this.

>Matt Kim IGN

Turns out the same guy reviewed Cowboy Bebop Live action, and he gave it a "Good" 7 score.
So yeah, someone who's opinion you should totally ignore.

This isn't even a dig at IGN but an observation about this person's taste in general.

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How does Any Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

I know right? What kind of tasteless retard would give it anything less than 8?