Mushoku Tensei

Remember to have sex and reproduce user.

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Cheers Abe-sama, I sure will.

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He should have done better.

Good thing he didn't have more, he barely got enough time to raise 6 children and sometimes even that was not enough.

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Rudeus' kids follow the Retard -> Chad -> Retard -> Chad rule so if he had one more it'd most likely be a retard, and the possibility of another Ars increases day by day.

Atleast we're getting a second season. Just hopping for a third.

If a third season gets announced that means the sm will be fully adapted I just hops the studio doesn't change.

Retard -> Chad rule kek, Lily is probably the only one that's actually on the spectrum but at the same time she's better than both Ars and Lucy

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Wasn't one of the main reasons the studio was created to fully adapt the novels?

Riri > Sieghart Saladin greyrat > Chris > Lara > fat baby > arse

I wish but nope, as far as I know the director read up to 12 volumes and made th studio to adapt them, but if he loved vol 12 I'm pretty sure he'll want to adapt S2 as well

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I piss on your grave, Abe.

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I thought he finished the novels now?

vol 12 has the perfect ending for the series
if they do it justice, i'd be satisfied with the whole anime ending here
even tough the peak of the series is 15 and 22, i'd still be satisfied

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Who is the mother?

It's just not the same without turning point 4 and Orstred inc.

tfw the author wanted to end the series at that point as well, but it garnered enough following for him not to be able to stop.

There's 5 mothers in total in that image alone.

Here, a family tree for simplicity sake.

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