What is your opinion about sasha ?

What is your opinion about sasha ?

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Nasty whore.

Artificial cuteness

A loose whore. But I love her.

Is she still a slut in the non-porn romcom version?

I hope the artist burns in a housefire, fake lolicon subhuman.

>fake lolicon

what ?

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sasha getting railed by fat old men is just otaku kun's doujins

She's okay but I prefer the lolis from Haguhagu's oneshots.

Wonder what she smells like

A pure maiden in love!

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What happened to the translations? Or even the attempt at raw dumps?

just a schizo, ignore

Diamond inducing bitch.
I've been refreshing haguhagu's fanbox since yesterday just to see her sucking shisho's dick.

Nice design wasted on an utterly degenerate character.

overrated artist with an ugly attempt of realistic art.

I can't never take the proper series seriously, it's like looking at your favourite escort having a wholesome time with her family.

fat ugly bastard bros, Sasha is fucking the shota now...
how could this happen to us.....

Cute and pure. Perfect daughter material.

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I want a prequel with a tiny Sasha.

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She's very flexible.

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