Chapter 6 of Gash Bell 2 in 2 hours

Chapter 6 of Gash Bell 2 in 2 hours.

Will our king finally be able to tell Kiyo what happened in the demon world?

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I wonder if they'll capture Gill or if he'll escape.

Is there any consistency in the release dates?

Yes,there is.

All chapters are released every 14th ,june and july were the exception and they were released in 21th,and there wasn't a new chapter in august because they were preparing that event and also vol 1.

BTW,don't expect an english dump until tomorrow

Largely yes.
Monthly on the 14, additional week when he adds color pages.
Took last month off because of an art event and volume 1 prepwork.

My body is ready

10 more minutes. Who here can dump?


Gil used to be a human. He's a sorcerer

user, spoiler tags

Its been nearly an hour. Where are them raws?

damn, it looks hype

more like half of the chapter

yes, spoiler something that explains literally nothing, dang, I can't believe such a revelation explains so much, wow

Isn't it supposed to come out tomorrow?

what time is it in japan user

the chapter is already released, the english translation will be finished tomorrow

Didn't chapters come out on the 15th?

I wish wouldn't need to wait for the scans.

Somebody dump the raws aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Don't have time to dump right now but here are the raws I ripped if anyone else wants to